Open Mic Night


The divisional round of the playoffs is over, the Patriots lost to the Jets, the Bears are a game away from the big game, and the Chiefs still do not have an offensive coordinator.  Exactly how everyone predicted it, right?

The NFL season may still be continuing, but unfortunately not for the Kansas City Chiefs.  Here are AA we continue to push forward to think about the off season, and the often spoke of “next year” for our favorite team.  Big Matt put out his end of year grading of the Chiefs defense, while Victor seems to be stuck in the hallucinatory “seeing them everywhere” phase of post season heartbreak.  I took a look into the possibilities that come with the issue of re-seeding the playoffs, and Merlin posted his end of year draft needs review.  All in all we covered a lot of ground this week, and there is still much to discuss.

According to a report by Patrick earlier today, it appears that offensive coordinator or no, Todd Haley will be the play caller for the Chiefs offense next year, and I’m sure that is setting some people’s hair on fire.  Meanwhile there are contract negotiations going on between Scott Pioli and Tamba Hali.  I hope they can come to an agreement that is good for both sides.  To boot, we still do not know if there is even going to be a season next year with no CBA reached yet between the players and the owners.  So, there is lots of fuel for the fire, and with that said I am leaving the stage open for you Addicts out there.  Have a great night.