Merlin’s Magic: End Season Draft Needs Review Edition


It’s been awhile since I updated Addicts on the Kansas City Chiefs draft needs I do over on With no more games for the Chiefs to play, these needs should start to solidify. Right now, I have needs at three levels (priority codes 3,4 & 6 for Draft Tek junkies). Let’s go through these needs grouped by level and discuss. As always, feedback is encouraged.

Primary needs: WR, C and NT

The Ravens double teamed Dwayne Bowe, effectively shutting down our passing game. That is just one example why wide receiver has been a high priority need since preseason. Casey Wiegmann is near the end of his career and is a bit undersized to go against large nose tackles. Center is another primary need. Jon Asamoah has the ability to slide to center, but he never really played there in college. I would prefer to draft a center who actually played the spot in college. I know, call me silly. Interior offensive line positions have been creeping up the draft board in recent years. A center in round one is no longer odd.

Since the Chiefs moved to a 3-4 defense, we have been looking for a stud nose tackle. Will this be the year? A good NT is the linchpin that makes a 3-4 defense work well. Romeo Crennel has gotten a lot of mileage out of Ron Edwards and has mixed and matched to keep the Chiefs competitive, but a strong nose tackle will open up more space for the other players in the front seven. That would make everyone better and the Chiefs better.

Secondary needs: ROT, RB, SOLB, SILB

This set of needs is still in flux. Right offensive tackle is a secondary need, at least. Some may argue that it should be a primary need. That is a reasonable case. I downgrade it to a secondary need. Not because I am in love with Barry Richardson, but more to do with the value of the position. Center is a much more important offensive line position than right offensive tackle. So, player values being similar, I would prefer to fill WR, C and NT before I filled ROT. This is a prime position to be filled earlier if a tackle presents a big value in the draft and we don’t have a similar value among the remaining primary need positions.

For most of the season, Thomas Jones was effective, if somewhat unspectacular. However, towards the end of the season, he tailed off dramatically. Why? Had teams caught up with the Chiefs or is he on the decline? I don’t care, it’s time to look at a larger, feature running back as a secondary need.

Why hasn’t Todd Haley taken the Studebaker (Andy) out of the garage and inserted him in the starting lineup? Are fans overrating Andy Studebaker? Whether it’s competition or to replace Mike Vrabel, bringing on another strong side outside linebacker is a must. If the value is high enough (Akeem Ayers anyone?) this position could shock us with a first round selection. If so, it would be a pure value of the player pick.

Jovan Belcher isn’t Andy Studebaker. He started from day one this year and I am a big fan. Even if it’s to replace Corey Mays, bringing in a strong side inside linebacker is a good idea.

Tertiary needs: QB, WR, OG, DE, WILB, FS, CB

These are basically all backup needs. Essentially, in tertiary needs I open the floodgates to just about every position. Here I am looking for best value to add depth to the Chiefs. If I had to guess, the Chiefs would probably take a late round fliers on a QB, WR and somewhere in the defensive backfield.


Draft Tek also gives me as the Chiefs Analyst the ability to ‘grab’ a player in a certain round. I rarely use these grabs, preferring to let the simulation work the way it was intended. However, grabs can be useful if I see a player we should target. This year Draft Tek added positions. It split the offensive tackles into left offensive tackle and right offensive tackle, for example. However, Draft Tek also took some positions away. Fullback was taken away. So, if I want the Chiefs to draft a fullback, I have to use a grab on that player. This year, I put in a round five grab on the best fullback in the draft. His name is Owen Marecic. Owen is a 6′ 1”, 243 lbs fullback from Stanford. He is a battering ram, can carry the ball and doubles as an ILB. I think it’s very possible that the Chiefs use a round five or later pick on a fullback. Such a pick will enhance the running game. Also, Marecic is a special teams standout.

OK Addicts, that’s where my current thinking is now. Fire away with comments, suggestions.