Open Mic Night


Alright all you folks out there in internet land, here it is!!!


Open Mic Night Part Two of the Divisional Playoff Weekend!!!

We have made our picks, did you make yours?  I didn’t do so hot last week, not that any of the other games mattered to me.  Here at AA there has been a lot of post season activity.  Patrick has a million posts, but he finally took his stance on Todd Haley, and Lyle mentioned key players on KC’s squad to say that the Chiefs have laid the foundation often spoke of.  Adam noted that the Chiefs need to keep moving forward, and Randy asked all of you Addicts what history/historic players you have seen during your own personal Arrowhead Adventures.

So, in the spirit of the post season, who do you want to see in the Super Bowl out of the remaining teams?  I think I would like to see a match between the Patriots and the Falcons.  I can’t get rid of my love of Tony G, and I would love to see him get a ring now that we are out of the mix.  I also know there’s a lot of sentiment the other way.  Also, lets take a look at the opponents the Chiefs face next year and see what games you are looking forward to.  I’m looking forward to the Vikings game because my buddy from Minnesota and I are gonna meet up in KC and go.
You can find their opponents here.

There it is, short and sweet.  The site is yours ladies and gents, have fun!