Arrowhead Adventures! Arrowhead History!


It was a couple of years ago when the Saints came to Arrowhead to play our Kansas City Chiefs. I was sitting in the upper level back then, an old man I never really noticed in past games tapped me on the shoulder. He asked me if I knew what was special about this game.  I told him I didn’t.

“I was here the day that Hank Stram returned to Arrowhead for the first time after he was fired”, he told me in a gravely voice.  “This time he was the enemy. They never should have fired Hank Stram” he whispered.

He told me “that Manning kid” was throwing for the Saints that day. Wow, that really got me thinking. I’d seen both Manning brothers play at Arrowhead. This guy had seen their father, Archie.   I asked him and he indeed confirmed it. He had seen all three Manning play in Kansas City. Where else in the NFL but One Arrowhead Drive……

A fascinating tale, for me anyway. I love history. Especially NFL history. And of course if you love NFL history, Arrowhead is the place to be.


I have seen a lot of history makers play at Arrowhead, and a lot of history making plays. What about you AA’rs?

Who and what have you seen at the greatest NFL stadium in the world?