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The Kansas City Chiefs’ season may be over but things are just getting started here at Arrowhead Addict.

Our web site has been growing for a steady year and we have a very exciting offseason coming up. The Kansas City Chiefs will make multiple moves in their continued effort to build a Super Bowl contender and we will be covering their journey everyday here at AA.

As such, we are implementing some changes.

As of 12 (EST) today, you will now need to be a registered FanSided user to comment on Arrowhead Addict.

What it means:

It means that you will have a set username and login here at Arrowhead Addict. When you come to the site, you will need to log in and you will be able to comment away.

What does registering entail?

All you have to do to register is to click “Register” int he top right hand corner of the screen. You simply need to choose a username and provide a valid email address. You will be sent an activation email and BAM you will be registered.

Why Register?

-Being a registered user has many advantaged. For starters, when unregistered users want to comment on AA, they must enter a username, an email address and a code each time they want to comment. Registered users don’t have to do that. Once they log in they can simply comment on any AA article without any extra steps.

-Another advantage is that you will be able to build an identity here on AA. Other users will come to know you by your username as it will always be the same.You will also be able to add an avatar to your username by signing up at

-You will be eligible to get your name on the AA Commenter Leader Board on the right side of the screen. Only registered users will show up there.

-We will be able to reach you via email if you win a contest. From time to time we will hold contests and giveaways on AA. Having a valid email address for our readers enables us to reach out to you if you are a contest winner. Registered users will also be available for AA Fantasy Football Leagues.

-Keep trolls away and jeep the board a fun place to talk Chiefs. Having everyone registered will help keep away the casual Faider commenter who comes by to just cause trouble. It will also help our new moderators (coming soon) facilitate the conversation and pass out warnings to those who get out of line.

-If you are registered at AA, you are registered across FanSided. Once you have a username you will be able to log in on any FanSided blog and comment.

Final Note: FanSided will never share your email address with any third parties. You will not receive emails from Fansided unless you are being issued a warning from a FanSided moderator or you are the member of an AA Fantasy Football League or you are a contest winner. You will never be Spammed.

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