Merlin’s Magic: Celebration Edition


Addicts, it’s celebration time for the Kansas City Chiefs and all the loyal Chiefs fans out there. Loyal readers of this column know that I don’t succumb to trends and generally take a somewhat contrarian position to the optimistic fans. This is a time to celebrate the Chiefs 2010 season and look forward to a playoff date with the Ravens, nevermore. It is time to celebrate how far the Chiefs have come and look at what needs to be done for the future.

Celebration reason #1. The Chiefs 2010 draft class.

This class was a big, big haul for the Chiefs. Eric Berry and Tony Moeaki look like future pro bowl level performers. Kendrick Lewis and Javiar Arenas look like solid contributors, Dexter McCluster was slowed by injuries and Jon Asamoah is being groomed as a future starter. Quick quiz, can you name five players from the 2009 draft class?

But…… more needs to be done. The Chiefs still need at least three new starters. That’s not counting Asamoah replacing Waters and Studebaker replacing Vrabel.

Celebration reason #2. The Chiefs are in the playoffs!

Who really thought the Chiefs would win the AFC West and go to the playoffs? It was pretty much a best case scenario. Win or lose, the young Chiefs will be getting valuable playoff experience. Playoff football is different from regular season football. This experience will given the players a good feel for how to prepare for playoff football. Teams going into their first playoff game usually don’t play very well. With that experience occurring this year, when the Chiefs make the playoffs again, they will be better prepared mentally.

But……… have you seen next season’s schedule?

Celebration reason #3 The Chiefs coaching staff under Todd Haley.

The Chiefs have assembled a top flight staff under Todd Haley. I am not sold on Todd Haley, but the staff under him is terrific. It’s an excellent mix of proven coaches and young coaches learning.

But……. Charlie Weis leaves. Really Charlie? You had to sell out the Chiefs so your son can get a student assistant coaching job? Thanks for nothing, Charlie. The Chiefs deserved a better commitment than one and done. By the way, keep the golf cart. I hear Florida has a course or two.

Celebration reason #4 Dwayne Bowe and Derrick Johnson.

Derrick Johnson has teased us for years. Well, ever since he was drafted by the Chiefs. I was ready to write him off, but this year he finally came into his own. The Bowe Show looked like it was headed to the discount bin at Walmart. However, Bowe had a several game run this year where he was arguably the best receiver in football.

But…… Can DJ avoid the Chris Chambers trap? I may be handing out the inaugural Chris Chambers award next year. The award will be given to the player who gets a new contract and disappears on the field. Right now, I’ll go back in time to give it to Reggie Tongue and Jerome Woods. Also can Bowe be an elite receiver on a consistent basis?

Celebration reason #5 The Chiefs dominate at Arrowhead.

When you are a young team, one of the first things you want to do is win the majority of your home games. A 7-1 record at home this year is a big statement that Arrowhead will be a tough place to play next year.

But…… The Chiefs went 2-4 against the AFC West. Once you have a good home record, you need to win the majority of your division games. A 2-4 record against the AFC West will not be good enough next year. Have you seen the 2011 schedule?

OK Addicts, those are my top five reasons to celebrate the Chiefs 2010 season. What are yours?