Matt Cassel At Chiefs Practice


He wasn’t seen throwing the football but QB Matt Cassel is at Chiefs practice observing according to Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star.

It is good to know that Cassel is up and about and I think this is further proof that he is going to try to play if possible. Some may point to his not actually practicing as evidence that the Chiefs will definitely go with Croyle. While I agree that is probably true, if there was absolutely no chance of Cassel paying he would likely be home resting instead of walking around at practice.

Cassel may just be present to help Croyle prepare but his presence is a good sign, if not for this weekend, than for next.

I expect Cassel to be listed as questionable when the injury report comes out later today.

What do you think? Does Cassel’s presence at practice mean he is going to try to play or is he just there to help out with Coryle and Palko?