A Look Inside The Seattle Game


This video shows some great behind the scenes footage from the side lines and locker room during last week’s game.

KC at Seattle

There are three great parts of this video. The first two both come after the Jamaal Charles rushing TD. Haley comments on Matt Cassel:

“He’s becoming a quarterback.”

Then it shows Matt Cassel talking to Ryan Lilja and Ryan O’Callaghan on the sideline, discussing how neither of them even knew what play he had audibled to.

O’Callaghan: “What did you call?”
Cassel (grinning): “You made it work, that’s all that matters! Who gives a sh#% what I called!”

Finally, there is a clip from the locker room after the game where Haley tells the team:

“There is something special going on here and nobody else knows about it. That’s alright, we’ll keep making our own highlights.”

This is definately worth a watch.