Revisiting Preseason Predictions About The KC Chiefs


Way back June 22, I made five early predictions about the Kansas City Chiefs.

Over five months later, I thought it would be fun to revisit those predictions and decide whether or not I was a clairvoyant genius, a fool or just lucky. Come, let’s travel back in time…

Predicition #1: Dexter McCluster is going to be a star

Ok I wasn’t right about this one but I wasn’t wrong either. McCluster looked as if he was slowly blossoming into a pretty good player before his high ankle sprain. He had a big hand in at least two of the team’s wins this year before going down to injury so that counts for something, doesn’t it?

Here is what I said about Dex in June:

“All of this indicates that McCluster is disciplined and fundamentally sound thus making his transition from college to the pros easier for him. Sure, there is going to be a learning curve and all rookies make mistakes but McCluster appears to be poised to make an impact sooner rather than later.”

I was right there. Dex made an impact in his very first game, returning a punt for a TD, which turned out to be the difference in KC’s opening day victory against the Chargers.

He isn’t a star yet but there is still time. If he comes back next week and helps the Chiefs make the playoffs, I could still nail this one.

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Prediction #2: Brandon Flowers will make the Pro Bowl

As long as Flowers comes back soon from his injury I should be right about this one. Even if he doesn’t finish terribly high in the fan vote, the word on Flowers is out and the players and coaches should pick him up. He is certainly playing at a Pro Bowl level.

Here is what I said about Flowers:

“As long as Flowers doesn’t level off and there is no reason to believe that he will, he should put together a Pro Bowl worthy season. 2 years of experience, combined with improved support in the Chiefs secondary, should give Flowers the tools he needs to go from good to really good.”

I’ll chalk this one up as a win.

Prediction #3: Dwayne Bowe will distinguish himself as a true #1 receiver

“I think this is the season that Bowe finally learns to focus. He may still have issues with drops but his catches will more than make up for it. I look for him to have his highest receiving yards total to date. Also, having a full season with Chambers and McCluster helping to take some of the heat off of him, Bowe should seize the opportunity to finally realize his potential .”

Well I was a little wrong. He didn’t need Chambers and McCluster.


Prediction #4: The Chiefs will win at least 7 games


I think I am most proud of this one because a lot of folks had the Chiefs only winning 5 or 6 games. I just couldn’t see them doing that poorly with this schedule. Here is what I said:

“Look, anything can happen in the NFL. A really talented team with really good coaching can lay an egg and go 4-12. It can happen. But the Chiefs should find their way back to respectability this season.

I am not predicting the playoffs. Not yet. I can’t do that until I have seen the team playing together on the field in the preseason. However, enough positive changes have been made that I think this team has a shot to win 7, 8 or maybe even 9 games.”

At this point I would say 9 games is almost a certainty with a pretty good shot at 10 or 11. We’ve come a long way, eh?

Prediction #5: Jon Asamoah and Tony Moeaki will turn out to be extremely valuable

Pretty much on the mark here. Moeaki has been seriously valuable and Asamoah has had to step in and start on the offensive line and has done a pretty decent job.

Here is what I said on Asamoah:

“Asamoah was widely regarded as the 2nd best guard in the entire draft. The Chiefs actually have the luxury of having this kid as a backup. He will get to learn from Brian Waters and Ryan Lilja and he will be ready to go should one of them go down to injury. He will also be able to come in and spell the veterans when they need a rest, which will be very beneficial to keeping the aging Brian Waters fresh.”

I also mentioned that if Asamoah excelled in training camp that there was a possibility of inserting him as a starter and moving Waters to center, however, I believe this was before the team signed Weigmann.

On Moeaki:

“When healthy, Moeaki is a terrific TE. Now it is my understanding that the Chiefs medical staff is widely regarded as one of the best in the league. If they cleared this kid it is likely they felt Moeaki was simply the victim of some bad injury luck in college. If the medical staff cleared him then that is good enough for me.

As soon as Moeaki got on the field in OTA’s he started making impressive plays. I have a feeling this kid is going to be special. Perhaps not Tony Gonzalez special because a TG is a once in a lifetime kind of Hall of Famer but Moeaki could prove to be very valuable as big, sure handed target for Matt Cassel in the red zone.”

I am glad I was right about this kid. There are still some injury concerns but other than getting his lights knocked out, which could happen to anyone, Moeaki has been pretty durable for the Chiefs. He is certainly having a special rookie season.

Lastly, here are a few of YOUR predictions from the comments:

jrcnc says:

We are the AFC wildcard We are going to start strong Jones will have more TD’s than Charles but JC will have more yards than Jones
Matt Cassel will be the QB if we have football in 2011

The biggest offseason pickup doesn’t even play, he is Romeo Crennel

Big Jim says:


Jax says:

There is no way we can say that the chiefs will win Monday night. Even without Jackson, and McNeil, the chargers are still very good. Besides, I would rather have the mindset of the underdog, so if we do win…it’s all the more joyous

Krans says:

Actually I feel best about the Bowe prediction, I just think in our current receivers he is the one with the most talent and he had a down year last season. Troubles aside I still really like Bowe and don’t think he should be anywhere near the discussion of the lockeroom issues of T.O. or Ocho Cinco, etc.

Trent says:

I think Jovan Belcher will start as well, he’s a beast. But Jon Asamoah just has a learning season ahead of hi.