Open Mic Night


Alright, after a whopping 3 comments yesterday (one about there being no comments) we have Open Mic Night: Saturday Edition.  This is the time of week when all of you readers out there can take the helm and steer the site in whatever direction you desire.  So here we go!

Victor spoke about everyone’s fascination with HC Todd Haley’s finger wagging, while Double D took us inside the football outsiders ratings of where the Chiefs stack up now in his DVOA analysis.  Meanwhile I asked the Addicts which team will we get going forward, the Cinderella team that started the year, or the Frankensteins that showed up in Denver.  Adam thanks the football gods for this weeks matchup with: A Much Needed Homecoming, and  to close it out, Merlin turned his magic towards the ever evolving draft needs for the Chiefs offense.

So this wraps up our week here at AA, best of luck to KC tomorrow against the Cardinals.  Have at it Addicts!