Merlin’s Magic: 2010 Mid-season Draft Review Offense Edition


OK Addicts, last week we reviewed the Defense and how our draft needs are evolving over the course of the year. This week, I want to talk about the Offense. Let’s dive in.

Quarterback: Why not start with the big question. Can Matt Cassel lead the Chiefs to a Super Bowl win? My answer is, no. Matt Cassel can not ‘lead’ the team to a Super Bowl win. He can keep the team from not losing a Super Bowl. Yes, I know, that sounds a bit strange. My point is that Cassel needs a lot of talent around him. He can not carry a team. He can be a decent game manager and keep a team from losing a Super Bowl. However, he can not put a team on his shoulders and carry them to a Bowl win. I consider this a high need. However, if you look at Pioli’s history. He does not draft a QB higher than round three. Of course, he never drafted a Safety in first round. So, all bets are off. The Chiefs taking a QB in the draft is a very high probability. If history holds, expect that QB to be drafted in rounds 3 to 7.

Running Back: It’s a pretty good group of RB’s. With Jones’ age, I can see a late round pick to him to mentor. So, I have this down as a tertiary need.

Fullback: I like Mike Cox, but a late round FB would not shock me. At best, this is a tertiary need, but probably a position that isn’t drafted.

Offensive Tackle: When will the ‘will Albert move to Guard’ debate end? When he retires. If you look at the Patriots. They use a ton of offensive lineman that can switch positions. For now, I expect Albert to remain at LT. Richardson and O’Callaghan can be upgraded at RT. We could use a backup tackle for Albert. So, I have LT as a secondary need and RT as a secondary need, but a higher one than LT.

Guard: With Waters, Lilja and Asamoah, we have a nice grouping of guards. If Waters plays next year, I have this as a tertiary need. If he retires, this can move to a secondary need.

Center: Casey Wiegmann has done a nice job, but he is at the end of his career. Niswanger just hasn’t developed enough. Has he learned enough from Wiegmann to hold down the center spot? I don’t want to find out. This is a high need.

Tight End. Moeaki has been a real find in round 3. Pope is a decent backup. While a late round TE pick would not shock me, I have this down as a no need.

Wide Receiver. Well, Chris Chambers has lived up to his past and disappearing as soon as he got paid. So, one stud WR is a high need. However, I am not done there. Any team starting Terrance Copper is not a team that is a strong Playoff team. That exposes a very thin WR corp. So, I am looking at another WR as a secondary need. That’s a dual need, a high need plus a secondary need.

Addicts, that’s my take. Sound off and make your case. Agree or diagree. It’s all good.