Chiefs VS. Jaguars: Game Balls


The Kansas City Chiefs took care of their home field Sunday and spanked the Jaguars 42 to 20. There were great performances all over the field for the Chiefs so giving out game balls to only three players is going to be tough but I’ll do my best.


Dwayne Bowe

This one was tough because both Matt Cassel and Thomas Jones had nice games but Dwayne Bowe came up with two huge plays that helped hold off the Jaguars.

Bowe had two touchdown passes and both were equally impressive. The first was his second catch and run touchdown in as many weeks. Bowe reeled in a pass from Matt Cassel and then broke three tackles on his way to the endzone.

Bowe’s second touchdown came on a beautifully designed fade route where WR Terrence Copper threw an “incidental pick” on the man covering Bowe. Matt Cassel’s throw was just a tad high but Bowe went up, caught it, tucked it, turned his body and got both feet down for the score.

On the day Bowe had three catches for 83 yards and two touchdowns. He is very deserving of this game ball.

Honorable Mentions:

Thomas Jones, Matt Cassel and Terry Copper for climbing the ladder and making his only catch of the game a beautiful one for a first down.


Derrick Johnson

There were good performances all over the defense. The unit started off a little shaky but they tightened up in the second half and helped break things open.

DJ is the guy who started the defensive jailbreak. Earlier in the game he jumped up and had a chance to intercept a Todd Bauman pass but he dropped it. When Bauman made the same mistake later, Johnson made sure he made the QB pay.

DJ picked off Bauman and returned it for a touchdown. He also had six tackles, one for a loss and defended three passes.

Honorable Mentions:

Shaun Smith, Jovan Belcher and Eric Berry for his first ever pick. Congrats Eric. Here is to many more.

Special Teams:

Javier Arenas

As well as doing a pretty good job returning kicks, Arenas forced a fumble on special teams that long snapper Thomas Gafford recovered. The fumble came at a crucial time because the Jags had just had a long return. Arenas ran down the ball carrier and knocked the ball lose.

Honorable Mentions:

Thomas Gafford for not just snapping the ball but staying with the play and perusing the ball. His fumble recovery was huge for the Chiefs.

Dustin Colquitt for being the guy that slowed up the ball carrier enough to allow Arenas and Gafford to catch up. Colquitt tripped up the Jaguars return man and his stumble allowed Arenas to make the play.

Thos are my game balls Addicts. Who gets yours?