Mike Vrabel Is Still A Warrior


"I am reading an advance copy of a book by Anthony Gargano called “NFL Unplugged.” My full review will be released when I am finished but I wanted to share an excerpt with you that involves Chiefs OLB Mike Vrabel. Should give you a good laugh. Let’s just say that it exhibits some of Vrabel’s er…veteran tricks.This is from a portion of the book where various players are talking about what goes on at the bottom of a pile following a fumble. A warning to our younger readers and everyone else that there is some strong language included here."

Deadspin ran an article yesterday that mentioned this incident involving Mike Vrabel. Everyone is reporting about this article today but Arrowhead Addict shared this info back on July 28th. Not too many people linked to us back them but then again, we haven’t posted any pictures of Brett Favre’s dong recently.

Just thought I’d link back to my own post  since it is in the news again.