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Mike Vrabel Is A Warrior


Morning Addicts!

I am reading an advance copy of a book by Anthony Gargano called “NFL Unplugged.” My full review will be released when I am finished but I wanted to share an excerpt with you that involves Chiefs OLB Mike Vrabel. Should give you a good laugh. Let’s just say that it exhibits some of Vrabel’s er…veteran tricks.

This is from a portion of the book where various players are talking about what goes on at the bottom of a pile following a fumble. A warning to our younger readers and everyone else that there is some strong language included here.

"Ike Reese told of a harrowing experience trying to recover a Brian Westbrook fumble during a punt return against the Patriots.“Mike Vrabel grabbed my sac,” Reese said. “We’re all scrambling for the ball and Mike Vrabel had my nuts so hard I was screaming. I didn’t even have the ball. He had my shit in his hands and he’s squeezing. We don’t wear cups. So I’m dying. Everything is fair game. The pile clears and I see him-now Mike, he’s an Ohio guy, and I played against him at Ohio State when i was at Michigan State-and he’s smiling and shit at me. I turned to him and said, “You f**kin’ asshole.”"

There you have it Addicts. Now next time there is a fumble and you see Mike Vrabel dive in there, you’ll know what he’s up to.