Arrowhead Addict Is Looking For Writers


Arrowhead Addict is looking to hire a two new writers to join our staff.

Arrowhead Addict is part of the Fansided Sports Network. The goal of the Fansided Network is to be for the fans by the fans. We are striving to bring our readers a fan perspective that is both honest and fair. You’ll get team news on Fansided blogs but you are also going to get a healthy dose of opinions. We never pull our punches and we are more interested in engaging with our readers than trying to impress the teams we cover. We are looking for writers who are edgy, funny, fair and provocative.

Contributing writers are not paid and are responsible for submitting one article per week.

While Fansided is not yet able to provide compensation to all of our staff members we do provide excellent exposure and experience. Many of our contributors have moved on to obtain paying writing gigs both with Fansided at other companies.

If you are interested in writing for Arrowhead Addict, you must submit a writing sample of at least 500, but no more than 1000 words to  The only requirement is that submissions pertain to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Please be sure your entries are cleanly edited and spell checked. You are applying for a writing job. Submissions with multiple grammatical and spelling errors will be disregarded.

Experience using WordPress is a plus.

By submitting your work to AA you are giving us permission to post and edit your work.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, October 22nd at 4 PM EST. Submissions must be in a Word format.

Note that you may be asked to provide further writing samples.

Selected writers will be brought on for a trial period of four weeks. If, at the end of the trial period it is felt the writer will be a good fit for the staff, the writer will be granted full staff posting privileges.

We thank you in advance for your submissions.