Paddy’s Pilgrimage: I’ve Arrived In The Holy Land


I am here.

Need proof?

I am currently working my way through the Boulevard beer offerings at the KCI Brew Pub while I wait for my buddy to get in from Dallas. Just about to finish my Pale Ale and the Wheat is up next.

Thus far I haven’t seen much of the airport. Though I did notice the unmistakable smell of manure as we landed, forcing me to shut my air vent off. Ahhhh. Welcome to the the midwest!

My friend who is meeting me here, who, incidentally is also named Patrick Allen (swear to God) just texted me and said Niel Smith is in the airport with him and is on the same flight to KC! I told him to get us a picture!

I am so excited to be in KC, the home of the Chiefs. I hope you are all having a good Saturday watching college football. Getting excited for Monday night yet?