Adam Caplan Seems Impressed With Charles, Chiefs


Fox Sports has an excellent resource in Adam Caplan. He serves as sort of an Adam Schefter type roll for them and he does an excellent job. Caplan spent 10 years in the NFL as a player personnel guy so his opinion is a bit more informed than yours or mine. He recently gave a live chat over at and there were a few questions about the Chiefs.

Caplan seems to be pretty impressed with the Chiefs, especially the team’s rushing attack. In particular Jamaal “Haley’s Comet” Charles.

Here is what Caplan had to say:

On if the Chiefs will be competitive this year:

"I think they will be better on both sides of the ball, especially on defense in the front seven. The pass rush, however, is still a major problem."

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On Dexter McCluster:

"If used correctly, McCluster could have a huge impact on their offense. He can be used as a RB, WR, and even as a wildcat QB to run out of that formation. The guy is a special talent. Saw 10 games of his recently on tape and saw him up close during Senior Bowl practices. I know from talking to a few of their players after the final OTAs that they were very impressed with him."

On Jamaal Charles and Ahmad Bradshaw:

"Both are a little different. Charles is probably the closest thing to Chris Johnson we have in the NFL. Charles proved he has special talent last season, but I think he needs to be in a two-man backfield. CJ doesn’t need to share the ball. He can handle the workload. Bradshaw proved that he was tough last season. He handled a multitude of injuries but was still very productive. He, too, needed to be in a two-man backfield."

On how the Chiefs crowded backfield will impact Charles:

"I think it will be a RBBC with JC getting roughly 60% of the touches."

On where Charles will rank among league backs:

"Top-15 for sure."

You can review the whole chat here.