AA Commenters Of The Week


This is a new thing we are going to give props to our regular readers and commenters. Each Thursday, so long as I

remember, we will be honoring that weeks best comments and commenters. I will be patrolling both the comments and the forums to chose a few readers to honor each week.

Without further ado:


Ehud is one of the first people I think of whenever I think of our best regulars. He has some of AA’s most thoughtful and informed comments and he is one of our most consistent readers. He also shows up for live game chats and was present for our marathon draft chat. Ehud is definitely an AA All-Star. He had another fantastic week on AA.

Featured Comment:

"I disagree. Here’s why:1) Chiefs have a weaker schedule. He even practically comes out and admits this when he says that the Chiefs have a chance at winning 10 games. There’s a chance we don’t get better but we are not going to be worse than last season.2) Coaching is still only 2 stars even with the hire of Weiss and Crennel. Really? The addition of 2 big name coordinators and we still only get 2 stars? Wrong, try again.3) To say we will only win 3 is saying that our coaching moves, FA additions, and draft picks made us a worse team. Considering that everyone (except Walter, apparently) would agree that our Safety play will be better, our return ability will be better, and our run game will be better I have a hard time figuring out how we are a worse team. We may stink as bad as we did last year at some positions but that remains a constant not a downgrade.I don’t agree with those who see us as playoff bound but I see us winning at least 4, would be happy with 6, and amazed at 8. Go Chiefs!"


Vbchief has been very active this week, posting his thoughts and opinions in various threads.

Featured Comment:

"Like I said in the walter post, I honestly think we can win 10 games this year. kool-aid or not. I believe the team is getting tired of being laughed at , they have something to prove this year, and I can’t wait for all those experts have to eat there own words and want the recipie for our kool-aid to wash it down."

Lastly, if you are only reading the front page of AA, you are missing out on extra content. Our forums have been revamped. They now have a reward system where readers will be ranked based on how much they post. You start out as a Draft Prospect and can work your way up to Rookie, Veteran, All-Pro, Hall of Famer and Legend. Right now all we have is a bunch of Draft Prospects but things are heating up and I think we may have some Rookies soon.


Chiefs7 rose to my forum challenge and wrote a pretty interesting Addict post. Chiefs7 thinks the 2010 offense has a chance to be better than the Dick Vermiel offenses of the early 2000’s. Check out his Addict Post in our forums.
Well written, thoughtful Addict Posts will always be considered for promotion to the main page.

Thanks to everyone who has been commenting and participating int he forums this week. We are building one of the best Chiefs communities on the net and that is all thanks to you guys! Our comments are up during the slowest time of the year. That is a tribute to how addicted we all are to Chiefs Football!