Addict Roundup


There has been a lot going on around here so it is time for another Addict Roundup! I amazed at how many of our readers, especially are regular commenters, have continued to show up in the slowest part of the NFL offseason. We keep cranking out the articles here at AA so I hope we are helping you get through the boring period leading up to training camp.

On to the roundup.

* We have a new site feature. Our tech team is constantly working to improve all the Fansided Blogs. It takes time but as our network grows, we will be able to make our sites more and more user friendly. The new feature I want to draw your attention too is our newly organized side bar on the right side of the page. We now have a tab for our most popular can most commented posts. That tab will update each month with the most commented posts. If you want to get in on the debate and conversation here at AA, that is a good place to start.

* I weighed on on my 5 early predictions for the Chiefs season. Check them out and throw out your predictions in the comments.

* Still making predictions? What about the team’s record? Take the poll.

* Staff writer Jeremy thinks the Chiefs need to stay centered.

* In one of our hottest threads from this month, we debate about what the Chiefs should do with Jarrod Page. Have you weighed in?

* Video: Javier Arenas is coming.

Be on the lookout later today for part 2 of my exclusive interview with Kyle Turley. We talk about the Herm Edwards/Carl Peterson era. Kyle has some interesting stuff to say.