What Should The Chiefs Do With Jarrad Page?


I have been talking about this a lot lately but it is one of the few unresolved issues the Chiefs have as they prepare to begin training camp at the end of July.

The Chiefs have a few options on what they can do with Page.

Option 1: Cut him.

The Chiefs could just cut Page loose. He won’t sign the contracts they have offered him and he isn’t showing any interest in being with the team going forward. Pioli and Co. may not want the situation hanging over the organization as the team goes to camp. The longer the Chiefs keep Page in limbo, the more irritated he and his agent will get. They are likely to start making more and more negative public statements about the team until the situation is resolved. If Pioli is unable to trade Page, he could simply cut him and let him find another team.

Option 2: Screw him and keep him in limbo.

I vote for this one.

The teams and the players play by the same rules. The rules say the Chiefs get Page for this year as a restricted free agent. They offered him a 2nd round tender and he didn’t take it. No other team tried to beat or match the offer. The Chiefs do not have to trade Page and they do not have to release him. The same rules say that Page doesn’t have to sign his contract but if he doesn’t do it by Week 10, 2010 will not qualify as a whole season meaning Page still will not have acquired the required number of seasons played to become an unrestricted free agent. Meaning he will be a restricted free agent again next season.

The Chiefs can send a message that players can not just pout their way out of their obligations. Page signed a contract with the Kansas City Chiefs and he gave up certain rights to the team when he did so. If the Chiefs can’t get anything of value for Page in the trade market, I say they let him rot at home, not collecting pay and not boosting his value.

It would be foolhardy to cut him and let him come back to haunt the team after signing with one of our rivals. He either has to earn his free agency or he shouldn’t get it at all.

Option 3: Trade him.

The only problem with trading Page is that he doesn’t appear to have much value. Teams also probably think the Chiefs will get tired of him sitting out and eventually cut him so they aren’t going to give up a player or draft pick for something they can get for free later.

The Chiefs may be able to get a low rounder for Page right now. It would extinguish a potentially distracting situation and would provide the team with at least some value in  return.

If the Chiefs make Page sweat it out, even in to the season, a team might get desperate for a safety and overpay for him. To get the most value for Page, the Chiefs should send a message to the league that they are not going to cut him. The only downside to this strategy is that if no one bites, Page could end up losing value if he sits out too long. It is a fine line that Pioli and the chiefs must walk.

So it is time to sound off Addicts. I was going to do a poll but I want to hear from you in the comments. Tell us what you think the Chiefs should do with Page and why!

Let the debate begin.