Arrowhead Adventures 2010!!!


The 2010 season is one your Arrowhead Adventurer is looking forward to! The training camp has moved to St Joe. I have moved to the second row. I have a list of people who want to attend games with me longer than the list of 2010 games, and thats with the extra game I will be able to attend in St Louis!

I truly believe our coaching staff is one of the best in the NFL. I hold high hopes for Eric Berry. The list goes on and on.

My muskie fishing tournament schedule is out as well, good news there, I can make every game and fully plan on doing so. Yes from an Arrowhead Adventure prospective, life is looking pretty good.

Whats up with my Arrowhead Adventure posts in 2010? Well beyond game day descriptions and stories, this year I will be providing exclusive game day photos and video that you simply will not find anywhere else.  That along with Patricks exclusive interviews and the rest of the gangs cerebral descussions provides the Chiefs fan with plenty of reasons to bang it on AA first. So tune it to Arrowhead Addict to feed your KC Chiefs addiction in 2010!

Photo Courtesy of Randy Murawski