Clark Hunt Interview Notes


Chiefs Chairman Clark Hunt was on Bob Fescoe’s radio show on 610 Sports this morning and I caught and wrote down as much of the interview as my patented two finger, hunt and peck approach would allow.

Here is a quick review for those of you who were not able to listen.

On Scott Pioli:

“I have enjoyed working with Scott tremendously over the last year. He is very thoughtful and disciplined in his approach in how he builds a football team.”

“I like what I am seeing with how he is building this football team.”

On the rebuild process:

“I’d like to never be in a rebuilding mode. Going forward I would like it to be a building mode where we take what we have and we’re building on it. I like where we are at this point and I like the way Scott is going about it.”

“The key from the organization standpoint is to be patient. Like everything in life, great things are built over time. If you derail the process to quickly all you do is set yourself back.”

“The key for me is to stay patient. I am a firm believer that we have a great GM and head coach and that we are going to get it done.”

“I would tell our fans, hang in there, good things coming hopefully in 2010.”

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On his expectations for this season:

“I would like us to be competing for a playoff spot this year. A year from now I hope it is more than that. The goal is to get the Chiefs to a place where they are competing for a championship on a yearly basis.”

“Competing for the playoffs this year is very important. We as an org. are very excited about the schedule I think it is the best one we have had in many years.”

On the Jeff Ireland, Dez Bryant controversy:

“It is important in the interview process to be thorough and sometimes ask tough questions but we do believe there are boundaries.”

On potential free agent pickups:

There are still quite a few free agents out there and quite a few players that will be released before the beginning of the season. Some are easy passes and some are on our radar.