My Chief Concerns: Too Many Indians, Not Enough Chiefs?


Every great team has vocal leaders.  The Ravens Defense has Ray Lewis

and Ed Reed, the Colt’s Offense has Peyton Manning, the Chargers Offense has Phillip Rivers, the Vikings defense has Pat Williams and Jared Allen, the Saints had Darren Sharper, just to name a few.  These vocal leaders, not only lead by exemplary play, but by being vocal; extremely vocal.  They are not afraid to get into a teammates’ face and congratulate them on a good play or yell at them for blowing one.  These types of players, rally the troops so to speak.  Can you name one on the Kansas City Chiefs?  Did you even see one last year?

Apparently Scott Pioli and Todd Haley could not and did not either.  That is why, by recent accounts, they drafted players, (and are signing UDFAs), who were captains of their squads (6 of the 7 drafted were captains of their squad; the only exception being Cameron Sheffield).  Scott Pioli and Todd Haley know that not only do they need great players, but they need great leaders, captains, and “Chiefs” (not just Indians). These types of “Chiefs” uplift and motivate the players, and we all know that momentum is the name of the game in the NFL.  Right?

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Matt Cassel tried last year to be that “Chief” on offense, and I do acquiesce that it is hard to be so on a losing team.  I do believe that he can be a “Chief” and the team will rally behind him, but he still has a ways to go.  It is my hope, and the administrations too, that he will eventually become that player for us on Offense.  But who will be our “Chief” on defense?

Dorsey hasn’t shown the propensity, neither has Tyson Jackson, Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, or even Mike Vrabel.  Brandon Flowers has shown glimpses, but that is not enough.  Hopefully Eric Berry will be that player, as he was on his own team.  Maybe even Javier Arenas, or even free agent John Henderson who has shown the propensity (should he sign later this week).  No matter who it will be, it needs to happen, and soon.  The administration is keenly aware of such and has planted the seed with this draft class. I for one would love nothing more than to see a player, any player exhibit the same passion that you and I exhibit on Sundays; good play or bad.