Chiefs 2010 Draft class seems to invalidate Chiefs 2009 Draft class.


This deserves a long hard look, and we have to start by evaluating much of the newest, shiniest acquisitions from last weekend:

WR/RB Dexter McCluster was likely acquired to fill the hole this team has for a speedy receiver and a change-of-pace running back with some returning potential and perhaps the occasional deep threat. CB Javier Arenas was brought on board as able depth in our secondary, although he’d need some work and could provide us some special teams help. G Jon Asamoah has potential in our system to fortify the interior of the line. TE Tony Moeaki lands in KC because our tight end position lacks playmaking potential.

And if that entire paragraph doesn’t sound stunningly familiar to you, allow me to clue you in after the jump:

Kansas City Chiefs’ 2009 Draft Class

1. DE Tyson Jackson, LSU
3. DE Alex Magee, Penn State
4. CB Donald Washington, Ohio State
5. OT Colin Brown, Missouri
6. WR Quentin Lawrence, McNeese State
7. RB Javarris Williams, Tennessee State
7. TE Jake O’Connell, Miami
7. K Ryan Succop, South Carolina

Looking over the middle of our 2009 Draft — essentially everybody but the DEs at the top and Succop at the bottom — it was clearly modeled to do exactly what the 2010 Draft is trying to do: playmakers, playmakers, playmakers, with some slight OL help.

The parallels are stunning. Most of the picks were WTF material, like they were this year. The Chiefs’ 5th rounder (Brown) was completely off everybody’s draft boards much like 2010’s 5th rounder S Kendrick Lewis was this year. We traded up for a TE both years.

So what else are we supposed to conclude other than the bulk of the 2009 class is already getting replaced?

Washington has provided such great depth that we had to acquire Arenas. Brown was moved inside almost instantly and he did such a bang-up job there that we brought in a premier free agent and a 3rd round pick. Lawrence was supposed to add some much needed speed and he developed so nicely we had to pick up McCluster. Williams was a change of pace guy for Jamaal Charles for when LJ inevitably collapsed, and proved to be such a potent addition that McCluster was needed. O’Connell was a receiving tight end, one needed to compliment the bigger blocking body of Brad Cottam, and made such an impact that we traded up for Moeaki. And our return game, boosted by the return abilities of Washington and Lawrence, was such a splash that Arenas was a “must.”

Pioli’s reign is a year in, but I don’t yet believe that we’re truly a year better. Are we?