Predominantly Orange Responds


Lead blogger Kim Constantinesco of Predominantly Orange has responded to a criticism of mine of the Broncos’ trading up to select Tim Tebow. I’ve made no bones of my belief that Tebow will not succeed in the NFL, as 3rd round talent at best, and forfeiting three draft picks to select him was borderline madness:

"Tim Tebow. I simply can’t believe it. McDaniels has done so many weird things atop the 2009 and 2010 NFL Drafts. Reaches for a running back at #12 overall last year that they didn’t need. Picks up a passrusher in the first round that doesn’t fit their defense last year. Trades away a first rounder in 2010 to pick up a nickel corner in 2009. Demaryius Thomas is a pretty good pick (although a reach…), but the Tebow selection just continues the freakshow that is the Denver Bronco war room."

Kim’s response, via Facebook:

"The Broncos are looking to the future, and that’s where the controversial Tim Tebow pick comes into play.Do you hear the bubbles? That’s Josh McDaniels going down with his ship. As a former QB coach, McD knows QB talent. As Chiefs fans, you’ve got one of his products. Are you happy with Matt Cassel? You can thank Coach McDaniels.McD knows that the Broncos need a young QB in their future, and with the 25th pick in the draft, he just made the QB competition worth writing about. I see Tebow starting under center either in 2011 or 2012. Orton is as good as gone and Quinn will have the short-lived chance to prove whether or not he’s a starting QB in this league. As Tebow learns the Broncos offense and absorbs everything he needs to know to be a QB at the pro level, the Broncos can use him in the Wildcat offense or even let him play some tight end or half back.Tim Tebow will no doubt be a work in progress. The good thing about the guy is he likes a challenge and he’s willing to work to play a game he loves. Yes, the Broncos gave up a few picks to get him, but we’ve still got a 2nd round pick (45th), two thirds, (80th, 87th), a 5th round pick (137th), and a 6th round pick. With a draft this deep, we can still fulfill our needs on the offensive and defensive lines."

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