Paddy’s Live Draft Diary


Arrowhead Addict Editor and Lead Blogger Patrick Allen is live at the 2010 NFL Draft representing Arrowhead Addict and the entire Fansided Network. Patrick will be writing a live Draft Diary live from the Draft to give readers the behind the scenes scoop on all the goings on in NYC. This post will update frequently throughout the night, with the newest posts on the bottom. Paddy will have incites, rumors, scoops, pictures, interviews and whatever else he can get his hands on so be sure to check this post and check it often.

Oh yeah, and GO CHIEFS!

3:42 PM (EST):

Making final preparations around AA and then it is off to Radio City Music Hall! I can’t believe I am actually going to be in house, live! I am a little bit nervous and I hope I can bring AA and Fansided some good coverage throughout the night. Super pumped to be doing this Draft Diary. I will also be Tweeting so follow AA on Twitter at

Will post again when I get to Radio City. My further updates will be after the jump.Remember to check this post often. Cheers for now.

5:50 PM :

Sorry for the technical difficulties folks. We are up and running in Radio City. I thought my seats were going to be down stairs but I am actually in the room, right in front of the podium! The place looks beautiful. Watching the ESPN crew over my right shoulder and the NFL Network crew over my left. Waiting for them to throw down.

5:55 PM:

Okung and Bulaga just arrived and the Red Carpet Special has begun. This is all kind of a whirlwind. I haven’t had time to sit back and take it in yet. Going to do that now. Ah…
OK. Back to work.

6:02 PM

Joel Thorman of the fantastic Arrowhead Pride sitting in front of me. Joel and Chris helped me get my start in Blogging. Owe those guys a lot!

6:07 P.M.

Going to go out and get some Red Carpet footage soon. Stay tuned!

6:56 PM:

Just left the red carpet. Got sick coverage for you guys coming up. Interviewed Eric Berry and Barry Sanders.

7:01 PM:

Less than 30 minutes to go. So much is going on I can’t type fast enough. Uploading Eric Berry interview right now. The place is starting to get a lot of energy. The fans are in and are yelling at Mel Kiper about his hair. I have to say he has a good sense of humor.

7:12 PM:

Joe Montana on the stage. I tried to interview him earlier but he was rushing off the red carpet. I do have some footage of him though so watch for that later. They are trying to pump up the crowd right now. Lots of spot lights flashing. Makes it hard to work. =)

7:46 PM:

8:29 PM:

Berry is the pick for the Chiefs. Right before it happened my internet went down. By the time the tech crew fixed it it was over. Figures!

8:55 PM:

Just filed Eric Berry’s press conference. Should have it on AA soon. Uploading as we speak. Spoke for about 8 minutes. Nice kid. Talked a lot about his relationship with Brandon Flowers. Said he things the Chiefs want him to play Safety, not Corner. Said he thinks they are happy with their current corners.

11:01 PM:

The Saints are about to make their pick. The first night is coming to a close. I was kind of hoping KC would move back into the end of the first round but I can sleep on Berry tonight. I expect the Chiefs to be more active tomorrow night, possibly moving around the board to get players they like. Cody is still available for the Chiefs at NT. Going to wrap it up here. Will have a ton more tomorrow!