Arrowhead Adventures..The Ownership Question


Overall, NFL fans are not a patient group. A year or two of losing, and we

demand player changes, coaching changes, and managerial changes.

But what about ownership?

The great Lamar Hunt owned the Chiefs until his death (

damn I miss him), at that point of course his son Clarke took over.

Lamar started the Chiefs off with a bang, two trips to the big time in three years, winning one in 1969.

But that was it.

Some trips to post season mixed in with more losing seasons than any of us care to think about in all those years.

A look back over all those seasons, reveals  many coaches, more than one GM, but the same owner.

A couple of other teams, the Raiders and the Lions have similar histories, and similar stories to go along with it.

And what about moves?

The Chiefs have been in KC since the Chiefs became the Chiefs. Same old story. Other teams that moved such as the Rams and Colts boast mulitple Superbowl trips for their efforts.

Detroit? Well same old city, same old win loss records. Oakland? Mulitple moves, multiple Superbowl trips.

Dont get me wrong Addicts. The last thing I want is the team to move from KC. KC moves, so does my NFL loyalty. And ownership? Well I miss Lamar Hunt, and I feel that Clarke Hunts position is in fact representative of new ownership.

What do you think Addicts? Can the current ownership and team location result in a Superbowl win for the Chiefs?