Report: Chiefs Negotiating With Chambers


Don’t count Chambers out yet, Addicts! From Pro Football Talk:

"Veteran wideout Chris Chambers was cut by the Chargers during the 2009 season. The Chiefs claimed him via waivers, and Chambers finished with a flourish, catching 36 passes for 608 yards in nine games.Coincidentally (or not), he’s now an unrestricted free agent.A league source tells us that the Chiefs are negotiating with him about sticking around.Though the Chiefs have been quiet this offseason, signing to date low-level talent (Tyler-Freaking-Palko), re-signing linebacker Mike Vrabel, and emerging from trade talks with the Cardinals without receiver Anquan Boldin, there’s a growing feeling in league circles that the Chiefs could be a surprise team in 2010."

Keep in mind that the entire free agency wave has slowed way down. This is how it usually happens. There is a big rush at the beginning and then things calm down a bit. We have a long way to go and I think there is going to be a lot of roster turnover. We have heard the Chiefs are interested in a RB, NT and are working hard to sign Chambers. Be patient, Addicts. There are still plenty of quality free agents available.