Fasano For A 2nd Round Pick?


From Sun-Sentinel.com:

"According to an NFL source, the Miami Dolphins have made a very conservative offer to their only restricted free agent: tight end Anthony Fasano.The Dolphins have tendered Fasano at $1.176 million and his original draft position, which was the second round out of Notre Dame in 2006 with the Cowboys.For an additional $1.345 million — a total 2010 salary of $2.521 million — the Dolphins could have forced any team that tried to sign him away to fork over a 2010 first-round pick. The original-round approach leaves Fasano open to being poached by one of a number of teams that could use a tight end upgrade.Potential suitors include: the Bills and Patriots within the AFC East, and the Bengals, Browns, Broncos and Chiefs elsewhere in the conference. The Panthers, Cardinals and Rams have also been mentioned as teams in need of a tight end.The Chiefs recently hired Charlie Weis, who coached Fasano with the Fighting Irish, as their offensive coordinator. The only two-touchdown game of Fasano’s NFL career came in December 2008 at Kansas City."

Wow, the news is coming out so fast I can hardly keep up. What do you think, Addicts? Fasano for the 2 we got for Tony G?