Chiefs Plan to Keep Dorsey, Johnson


In his interview with Jack Harry, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli seemed to indicate that the Chiefs are planning on keeping both Glenn Dorsey and Derrick Johnson.

Jack asked Scott directly about both players. When he asked about Dorsey Scott seemed to indicate that the team was no question that the team was going to keep the 3rd year pro, jokingly asking Harry “Are you going to trade him?”

Immediately after this exchange, Harry asked if the Chiefs planned on keeping Derrick Johnson.

“Absolutely,” was Pioli’s response.

This is not to say that if someone came along with the right offer that the Chiefs wouldn’t part with Dorsey or Johnson. I am sure just about anyone on the roster could be had for the right price.

While many folks out there have suggested that the Chiefs trade Dorsey or Johnson or both, as it stands now, it looks like they will be around next season.