Bulger Cleans Out Locker?


From Pro Football Talk:

"In a move that comes as no surprise yet nevertheless feels surprising (if that makes any sense and it probably doesn’t), Howard Balzer reports via Twitter that Rams quarterback Marc Bulger has cleaned out his locker.Bulger, a former West Virginia quarterback who attended the same high school as Dan Marino, entered the league in 2000 as a sixth-round pick of the Saints.  He ultimately landed with the Rams, where he rose to prominence as the successor to Kurt Warner."

Everyone knew this might be coming but now that it is real, we have to ask ourselves what the Rams are going to do come draft day. Do they go with Suh or do they believe that Clausen or Bradford can be their franchise guy? I suggested in my last Mock Draft that it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility that the Rams could go QB with the 1st overall pick, which would throw every mock draft I have seen into total disarray.

A lot of people seem think Clausen will go before Bradford but I am not so sure. A lot of people were really high on Bradford last year and I think if he goes to the combine and shows he isn’t still suffering from his injury, he could very well jump Clausen as the best QB in the draft.

Regardless of who it is, if the Rams take one of the top 2 QB’s with the first pick, it will send a ripple effect though the entire draft. The question is, will it be a positive or a negative for the Chiefs?

I have heard it argued both ways. Some claim if one of the top 2 QB’s goes in the first 4 picks that the likelihood that the Chiefs will be able to find a willing trade partner in a QB desperate team will increase. I tend to agree with this theory.

I have also heard from folks who claim that it would decrease the Chiefs chances of trading back.

What do you think, Addicts? Will the Rams go QB with the first pick? If they do, what impact will that have on the Chiefs?


According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, via Twitter, Bolger did NOT clean out his locker.

"Rams QB Marc Bulger did not clean out his locker. Rams equipment men did, just as they cleaned out everyone’s locker at end of year."

Remember, if Schefter says it, it’s true. I still don’t think Bulger will be back though.

You know news is slow when we are talking about lockers…