Another Reason Not To Go Left Tackle


Here’s another reason not to go left tackle with the fifth overall.

The NFL Draft value chart. A slightly outdated but still useful barometer by which the value of every single pick in the Draft is measured. And here’s where you see a really telling statistic about the 5th overall pick.

It is worth 1700  points. Or, for the mathematically impaired, it is worth more by itself than the entire Drafts of 16 other teams!

The 5th overall pick in the NFL is worth more by itself than what half the teams in the league can do with their standard seven selections.

Why, oh why, would you use such insane value to Draft an offensive lineman, the likes of which you can find in any Draft? Why wouldn’t you use it for a Reggie Bush clone? Why wouldn’t you use it to pick up an Aaron Rodgers type situation with Jimmy Clausen? Why wouldn’t you use it on a lunchpail safety that takes away huge parts of the field? Why wouldn’t you pick up a shutdown corner? Or a linebacker who can lead your defense, for that matter?

Yeah, an LT could theoretically upgrade two positions, but to what extent?

We’ve got front row tickets to Skynyrd, people! Why waste that by using those tickets to upgrade Creed to Nickelback?