Who The Redskins Want


One of my favorite blogs on FanSided has been Riggo’s Rag, the officially unofficial official blog of the Washington Redskins. If you care at all about the Redskins, you have no choice but to favorite the Rag — lead blogger Ryan Estorninos is one of the more gifted bloggers on FanSided, and his enthusiasm for the team oozes from every page.

Which is why AA was thrilled to get Ryan’s two cents on who the Redskins want at #4 overall in the 2010 NFL Draft. The Redskins have brought in yet another Hall of Fame coach, Mike Shanahan, to lead their team his way.  The big question is what the future holds for Jason Campbell. Is a QB on their radar?

Via email, Ryan tackles this concern, and more:

"When you think of the Washington Redskins offense and what it lacked, it boils down to one thing: athletic offensive line play.  The Redskins had a pretty poor year offensively, and mediocre at best.  For a line that allowed 46 sacks and helped produced only 1508 rushing yards as a team.  Last year Clinton Portis ran for 1487, that is a pretty pathetic drop off for a committee.  In 2010, what the Skins need is a lineman, and begin to pave the way for the future.  With the 4th pick of the NFL Draft the Redskins should pick Russell Okung.Many critics will clamor and prognosticate on the Redskins needs, and some have the Redskins picking either QB’s Jimmy Clausen or  Sam Bradford if they are available.  Should the Redskins pick either of these two signal callers, the same “experts” who predict the move will bash the Skins for making it.  Why? Because a young stud at Quarterback is not what the Redskins need.  Okung is a big, fast Offensive lineman.  Standing at 6’5 and weighing right around 300 pounds, he is the perfect for the system that Mike and Kyle Shanahan look to implement in Washington.  From most scouting reports he is quick and light on his feet.  His strong and can use his strengths while moving laterally.  He is also said to be great in picking up blitzes and recognizing them.  While he won’t be perfect coming out, the majority say he must work on technique and he could focus more.  In the end he is projected to go anywhere from as high as Number 1 but is sure to be a top 10, and dare I say it top 5.  The Redskins must use their selection to pick up Russell Okung, from The Oklahoma State Cowboys."

We thank Ryan for this thoughts (you’ll love Riggo’s Rag), and here’s a summary of what the experts from each team have been telling us:

  • Rams (Ethan Novak): Suh, Suh, and nothing but Suh.
  • Lions (Kevin Ferguson): We want McCoy, Okung’s alright too.
  • Bucs (Dustin Staggers): Suh or McCoy if they fell. If not, Berry’s the rumor, but what about Carlos Dunlap?
  • Redskins (Ryan Estorninos): Okung’s a must.

So with Suh, McCoy, Berry, and Okung (?) off the board, who do you go with? Certainly not Jimmy Clausen, right?