Who the Rams Want


According to Ethan Novak, the lead-blogger of Ramblin’ Fan, by email:

"The Rams currently hold the first overall pick for the first time since 1997 (which as we all know, isn’t a bad thing in any way, shape or form) so they obviously are going to do everything they can to not mess up this opportunity.  Back in 1997, rather than picking up a big time skill position player, they went with the safest prospect in the draft with Orlando Pace, a solid offensive tackle out of Ohio State who had great size, very proven, and ultimately was set up for a solid NFL career.  Pace went on to become one of the best offensive lineman in the history of the Rams, so it only makes sense the Rams will look to invest their money in a solid player that they can have zero doubts regarding their ability to perform at the pro level.  Using that logic, there is only really one position that the Rams are most likely not evaluating for the first overall pick, that being running back.  The mix of Steven Jackson and the overall lack of a proven running back puts the position far off the Rams radar.  This of course leaves every single other position open for discussion.  However, there is not a doubt in my mind that the Rams will draft Suh with the first overall pick.  He was an absolute beast in college and a terror for everyone that attempted to guard him.  Most big time defensive tackles draw double teams, allowing the other defensive players to have an easier time getting into the backfield.  Suh on the other hand draws the double team and still makes the play.  Although quarterback is most likely this team’s biggest need, there isn’t really anyone in the draft that experts are considering good enough to use the first overall draft pick on.  All year I believed Sam Bradford to be that player, but now there is a severe question mark in the health department.  So as far as Claussen goes, I’m guessing there is a 90% chance that when the Rams take the first player off the board, Claussen will still be available."

Novak thinks it’s going to be Suh. What do you think?

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