Arrowhead Addict 2010 Mock Draft: Version 2.0


It’s been a couple of weeks since our last first round mock, last handled by Paddy. Handled quite well I might add.

Now it’s in my hands this time around, because frankly, power turns me on.

What’s that? The Broncos draft Todd Reesing #10 overall? What an unusual selection! Haaaar haaaaar haaaar!

Seriously though:

PickTeamPlayer SelectedPlayer’s PositionPlayer’s SchoolAnalysis
1.Ndamukong SuhDefensive TackleNebraskaThe choice here is between a player they need and could be great (Clausen), or a player they’d really like to have and could have the NFL on its knees. Because this is the last year rookies are going to cost outrageous sums of money, I think they go Suh. Who am I to doubt the experts, anyway?
2.Eric Berry

I’d be thinking offensive tackle here if I were the Lions, but Schwartz actually really likes Jeff Backus. Instead, they look to upgrade their NFL-worst pass defense. Sorry Chiefs fans, it is officially unlikely that Berry falls.


Gerald McCoy

Defensive TackleOklahomaTampa has a proud DL tradition, and while Suh rose to prominence this year, McCoy has been dominating for years. The perfect fit for the Bucs and a #1 pick any other year.4.

Jimmy Clausen

QuarterbackNotre DameNew coaches always, always,


mean new quarterbacks. Jason Campbell may start for a year, but my guess is he’s on his last legs as a Redskin. Shanahan wants his guy, and Clausen fits the package.

5.Rolando McClain
Inside LinebackerAlabamaI believe in my heart of hearts that CJ Spiller is the right pick here. But I also think there’s less than a 2% chance the Chiefs go that direction. Reconsider, Scott! Virtually all pundits believe this is prime time to take a tackle, but they’re forgetting the Pioli-Saban connection. I don’t like this pick, but what can you do?
6.Russell Okung
Offensive TackleOklahoma StateCarroll’s first pick with the Seahawks, and I don’t think he reaches here. I believe Bradford, a guy who will need tons of grooming time and sports an injury history, isn’t that guy. Franchise left tackle is the best value for them.
7.Joe HadenCornerbackFloridaBrowns fans have been clamoring for defense for a couple years now, and I think the front office would be retarded to ignore them any longer. Haden would be a great option here, as would Taylor Mays, despite his Senior Bowl woes. Haden is ready, Mays is a project. Browns cannot afford a project.
8.Bruce Campbell
Offensive TackleMarylandI actually think there are two, maybe three better offensive tackles on the board. But out of the elite tackles remaining, which the Raiders desperately need, Campbell is a ridiculous athlete, which of course will entice Beetlejuice into drafting him.
9.Sam Bradford
QuarterbackOklahomaGailey gets his guy. This is good value, too. They get a guy they can groom into virtually whatever Gailey wants. I wouldn’t put him on the field Day One, but there’s no question he’s there best shot at a franchise QB since Trent Edwards lost his promise.
10.(CHI)Dan WilliamsDefensive TackleTennesseeDan Williams will be reached for, it’s just a question of who. This is about the earliest he’ll go, and it wouldn’t surprise me that the Broncos, still struggle to stop the run, actually do something to stop the run.
11.Tim Tebow
QuarterbackFloridaThere’s been a rumor swirling about that the owners are agreeing to allow Tebow to fall to the Jaguars. Riiiiight, because I’m sure all the Top 10 teams are in need of a wildcat QB with a crappy throwing motion. Nonetheless, the state of Florida looooves Tebow, and the Jags need to sell tickets. Done deal.
12.Damian WilliamsWide ReceiverUSCThis is high, but the options aren’t that great. No passrushers, no noses, no linebackers, and the Dolphs don’t need a tackle. Instead, Parcells will break form and go WR. Since it’s such an unusual move for him, I don’t think he goes with the risky Dez Bryant, and instead settles with as sure a thing as you’re going to get.
13.Brian Bulaga
Offensive TackleIowaThe 49ers could use some help on the line, especially with a running game that’s just a couple pieces away from being one of the league’s best. I love Bulaga — I think he has the ability to be a 10-year Pro Bowler.
14.(Den)Derrick Morgan
Defensive EndGeorgia TechHow has Morgan fallen this far? He’s Top 10 talent! Well look at the Top 10. The league is on a 3-4 craze right now and talented 4-3 studs are finding themselves slightly  more devalued.
15.Brandon Spikes
Middle LinebackerFloridaThe Giants are hesitant to go safety with a first rounder yet again, but they don’t want to spend this high of a pick on that many positions. They’d really like Gresham here, but you use your first rounder on the biggest impact player possible, and Spikes brings this defense back to the elite position it used to have.
16.(CAR)Sergio Kindle
Outside LinebackerTexasThe 49ers could go several directions here, but most likely they would opt for the best passrusher available. There’s plenty to choose from, but they’re all risks. Kindle is the most intriguing of the bunch considering his phenomenal physical abilities. Lighting a fire under him will prove an easy task for Mike Singletary.
17.Dez Bryant
Wide RecieverOklahoma StateAlright, Vince Young can play. So let’s see how far we can take him. Item #1 on the Help Vince Young list is to give him some talent down field that can find a way to make things happen without Young having to hold his hand. Bryant is a bit of a project but  he will offer playmaking ability on Day One regardless.
18.Donovan Warren
CornerbackMichiganThere’s all kinds of good secondary talent in this first round, and the Steelers are one of the teams needing help at corner. Seriously, Polamalu can’t do this all by himself, people.
19.CJ Spiller
Running BackClemsonFalcons get the grab of the first round. Matt Ryan’s best help on offense doesn’t keep defenses honest enough. Having a bonafide gamebreaker will bring that particular difficulty to a close.
Taylor Mays
SafetyUSCThis is about the easiest call I’ve had to make all day, simply because the Texans allowed a Chiefs castoff to become their stud at safety overnight. Any time that happens, like let’s say the Chiefs picking up Chambers, you know a team is thin, thin, thin at the position. Well now that Pollard is a SS extraordinaire, they can get a killer deal here on a FS to match.
Jermaine Gresham
Tight EndOklahomaThis is another pretty easy pick. The Bengals, theoretically, have the quarterback, the run game, the line, and the receivers. They also have a pretty good defense, but absolutely nothing at tight end. Well… look who happens to be the best player left on the board. Gresham will finally draw some attention away from Ochocinco after the departure of Hoosyermama. The Patriots, meanwhile, cry. So close!
22.Brandon Graham
Outside LinebackerMichiganThe Patriots desperately need help at corner, but it’s unclear who deserves a 1st round pick after Warren and Haden, plus the depth in this Draft is astounding and I imagine the Pats would address CB in the 2nd. Instead, the Patriots struggled to get to the QB, and Brandon Graham has the look of a terror off the edges. BB doesn’t typically go linebackers in the first, but there’s no question they’ve lost something passrushing.
23.Anthony Davis
Offensive TackleRutgersHoly smokes, do the Packers get a deal here. There are several teams in the hunt on the bottom end of the Draft to upgrade their tackles, and Davis would be a prayer answered for the right side of the Packers’ line.
Earl Thomas
SafetyTexasValue, value, value. Free safety is a need but it isn’t the biggest need the Eagles have. Nonetheless, Philly wouldn’t think twice if Thomas fell this far. Would you? Thomas has the potential to be the best safety in this class outside of Eric Berry, and safety has become a more important position in the NFL.
25.Jason Pierre-Paul
Outside LinebackerSouth FloridaThe Ravens get a blessing in disguise with Pierre-Paul. They want, I’m sure, either Gresham, Williams, or Bryant to fall to this pick to give Flacco all the hands he needs downfield. This is too early for LaFell or Tate, and Benn and Citadel’s Roberts are intriguing projects. So instead, the Ravens were surprisingly middle-of-the-pack in sacks, making this pick a positive for them. This guy is very big (with room to get bigger) and very, very fast off the edge. He’ll contribute immediately, but has All Pro upside.
26.Arrelious Benn
Wide ReceiverIllinoisThe Cards are going to take advantage of a boom-or-bust project since they don’t have that many needs and a great WR corps for this guy to grow up in. They’ll be parting ways with Boldin soon, so Benn will have plenty of time to find playing time.
27.Mike IupatiOffensive GuardIdahoThis pick is so obvious, it bores me.
28.Jerry HughesOutside LinebackerTCUThe Chargers defense, almost more than any other defense in the NFL, feeds off its sheer ability to get to the QB. AJ Smith takes risks now that he has a fairly loaded team, and he struck gold last year in my opinion with Larry English. But there’s little to no chance Merriman stays in San Diego much longer, and if he does he’ll have no influence. Hughes would round out a great pass rushing trio for San Diego.
29.Jared Odrick
Defensive EndPenn StateThe Jets get solid value here (and one of the last players I think deserving of a first-round pick) by upgrading a defensive line that desperately picked up Alphonso Boone to replace the departure of Castillo. This pick has potential to finally compensate for that loss with a player that could be coached into excellence. I like Odrick.You can really see how shallow the elite talent really is in the NFL Draft this year. In my opinion Odrick is one of two players left worth drafting in the first round as of this point, and they’re both 3-4 DE/4-3 DTs types. This is a great year to trade out of the first round if you can do it, because the second-to-third rounds are filled with great amounts of talent. But the amount of elite talent in this year’s Draft is way below average.
30.Trevard Lindley
CornerbackKentuckyThis is a pick that I copy-and-pasted directly from Paddy’s first mock, simply because I think it’s such an obvious pick it’s hardly worth thinking about. Lindley is one of the few corners left who has potential to be special.
31.Everson Griffin
Defensive EndUSCThere aren’t that many special 4-3 defensive ends in this Draft (I count exactly one), but Griffin has the ability to develop into a double-digit guy, though its unclear likely that is. At the very least, he can provide stability and tough play from the end of the DL that’s been without a compliment for Will Smith for way too long.
32.Brian Price Defensive TackleUCLAThe Colts, as usual, find a way to take BPA and fill a need. Price isn’t their usual undersized speed-tackle, but he’s a hard working 1-tech that’ll give them an element to their defense that they’ve been missing for years.