Rams @ Chiefs Post-Game Report: Charles In Charge


This No. 25 doesn’t whiff–he makes tacklers do that!

What a night, huh? My post-game report was a bit delayed by a big fantasy draft and this itsy, bitsy speech you might have heard about. But that’s not all bad news. Why? Because I just got my NFL Direct Ticket and DVR hooked up, so now I can go back through each Chiefs game and report back with the most thorough, in-depth analysis you’ll find anywhere on these here interwebs.

I enjoyed CurtMerzFan’s post a lot, and think he’s indeed on the right track. But he wants to move the wrong player. There’s an old adage that goes “sell high, buy low.” We’d be selling Larry Johnson low right now (he’s also my second favorite Chief, and arguably the best hard-nosed RB in the NFL). Same with Jamaal Charles. That leaves Kolby Smith. I think Kolby could net us a third-round pick. I honestly do. If that’s the case, I say let’s move him.

I was wrong about Kolby (I told you guys Bizarro Adam was coming out). Actually, I was one of his first backers when he was drafted, but I kind of went to the other side after Chiefs fans got a little carried away about his play late last season. The Kolby-is-better-than-L.J. talk was just preposterous. But Kolby can be an every-down back. He is more Priest Holmes than Larry Johnson, but that still works. There are plenty of teams (Houston is one) who desperately need a running back.

Meanwhile, I foresee Jamaal Charles becoming our Maurice Jones-Drew. He is definitely not an every-down back, but his electrifying speed makes him the perfect change-of-pace back to compliment Iron Man. As much as I like Smith, he’s not what this offense needs. This offense needs an explosive playmaker, a gamebreaker. Charles can be that guy. We have to find a way to get this kid 10 touches a game.

By the way, isn’t it nice to see a No. 25 with dreds who isn’t utterly worthless?

T.J. “Action” Jackson is a player. He absolutely has to make this team. The guy is a disruptive force with an excellent motor. He really impressed me while watching tape.

Brian Johnston both impressed me and disappointed me. He’s all over the place, and that’s a good thing. He also gets pushed all over the place, and that’s a bad thing.

Now, on to the Bobby SippioJeff Webb debate. Prepare yourself, because Bizzaro Adam is now in full force…

Webb deserves to make the team. I loved his special teams play, and actually believe he is better there than as a receiver. Because of that, he makes the team. Webb will never be more than a No. 3 WR, though. As Andre 3000 says…”neva, eva, eva, eva.”

You can’t say that about Bobby. Sipp has the tools and the talents to become a possession receiver, a No. 2 guy. I can seriously see him becoming a bigger version of another Bobby–Bobby Engram.  Sipp has to make the team. As he showed last night, he is a devastating redzone option. I mean, how in the hell do you cover him, Dwayne Bowe and Tony Gonzalez at the same time? All three are among the best I’ve seen at coming down with fade routes/jump balls. Both Sipp and Webb have blocked well and performed on special teams. Because of that, Maurice Price might actually have to kick it on the taxi squad.

Speaking of fade routes, credit where credit is due–Damon Huard threw a great one. Brodie Croyle, however, did not. What’s the use of that big arm if you don’t use it? And it’s not that I don’t like Huard, I just think it would be better for both parties if he played for a contender. He’s a solid back-up, but our emphasis needs to be on developing quarterbacks (notice that’s plural, with an “S”). While we’re discussing developing QBs, it’s time to give up on Tyler Thigpen. Andre’ Woodson, Chris Simms and John Beck have all been mentioned on this site. Let’s go out and get one of them. Love or hate Croyle, no one can call him a sure thing yet. And I think we all agree that it’s time to stick a fork in Thiggy Smalls.

Wade Smith is a fighter. I love his mean streak and the way he plays. Gritty. Old school. He impressed me a lot while watching the tape. I wonder how he’d fare against stiffer competition, though. Still, I think he could potentially replace Adrian Jones should he struggle.

Damion McIntosh is not a fighter. He just had more talent than everyone else when he played at K-State. At this level, however, where the talent is generally pretty equal, he doesn’t have the temperament to be a standout tackle. I’m sick of seeing him Tinkerbell around out there. At the same time, Brian Waters has been a bit of a ballerina himself. Not finishing plays, not putting his nose in there, not playing physically. Maybe it’s just a preseason thing? Cross your fingers.

LeRue Rumph is a nasty player. I’m not gonna lie–I kind of dig it. If he can learn some discipline, he might turn into a player. Unfortunately, after last night it could be for another team.

Napoleon Harris is not just a preseason thing. What could he possibly have been barking at Donnie Edwards for like half a minute last night? Let’s cut our losses.

Herb Taylor and Mike Cox both continued to impress. Both absolutely deserve to be Week One starters for the Red and Gold.

Pat Thomas looked pretty damn good during that opening defensive series. Maybe he can handle the MLB job?

Brandon Carr has the wheels and the will to become a very good corner. I’m now sold on him. I’m a Brandons Believer now across the board.

Bernard Pollard is a special player. I love DaJaun Morgan, too. I think mixing them up might be the way to go. Pollard on obvious rushing downs and blitzes, and Morgan on obvious passing downs or when Pollard needs a blow. Bonecrusher is also the best punt blocker I have ever seen at any level. Dead serious. Anyway, with B.P. ripping out fumbles and the Torpedo hauling in INTs, we could be set a strong safety.

This is going to hurt, even if I’m still Bizarro Adam…B.J. Sams makes the team. Dantrell Savage does not. Bye, bye Macho Man. As much as our offense will struggle anyway, we need someone we can trust back there. Stepping out at the two-yard line or coughing up the rock will not give Brodie and Co. the opportunities they need to develop. Maybe Kevin Robinson, or K-Throb, can finally play and take that job over? Or maybe Charles can handle the kick return duties? This all will also depend on Sams’ hammy.

I also think that A.A. guys Dimitri Patterson and Turk McBride earned themselves significant roles moving forward. Love my boys!

After cuts, this is what we need to import:

  1. Another Quarterback
  2. Linebackers
  3. Offensive Linemen
  4. A Kick Returner

My players of the game where…

Offensive Co-Players of the Game: Jamaal Charles and Kolby Smith

Runners-Up: Bobby Sippio and Mike Cox

Defensive Player of the Game: Bernard Pollard

Runners-Up: Pat Thomas and T.J. Jackson

What are everybody else’s thoughts on last night’s preseason finale?