Welcome to Arrowhead Addict, a site we strive daily to make the best Kansas City Chiefs blog and news site on the Internet, and the inaugural site of the Sports Network. Why did we start Arrowhead Addict? Because the Chiefs, easily one of the most popular teams in the league, didn’t have nearly the coverage they deserved, especially from the perspective of the fan. That is why we started the site and remain dedicated to bringing you top-notch Chiefs news, views and original content, along with everything else a Chiefs fan could possibly want from a site. This is also a community where you the fan can come and voice your opinion on your Red and Gold. If you love Kansas City and your Chiefs, you’ll love this site. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

Adam and Zach Best

Arrowhead Addict Staff:
Adam Best, co-founder/senior editor: Best co-founded the site in the Spring of 2007. He has covered sports and entertainment (currently at for various publications and sources, including a weekly NFL feature to FOX Sports during the 2008 season. Best also serves as the CEO of the network.
Zach Best, co-founder/site director: Best co-founded the site in the Spring of 2007. He’s an educator, entrepreneur, and football coach. Best also serves as the COO of the network.
Patrick Allen, Managing Editor: Patrick was brought on to be the new lead blogger for Arrowhead Addict in December of ’09. Along with being an avid sports fan, Patrick is also a writer and actor living in NYC. He is thrilled to have turned his obsessive love of the Kansas City Chiefs into an actual job. There is nothing quite like watching a football game, drinking a beer and calling it work.
Ben Nielsen, Editor: Ben is still trying to figure out who he is as a person, he’ll get back to you once he figures it out. In the meantime, you can follow him on twitter (@BenThereBro) and read his Chiefs thoughts in a yet-to-be-named Thursday morning column. Ben arrives at Arrowhead Addict via KC Kingdom, where he was the co-editor for the past year.
Natasha Sims, Senior Copy Editor: Natasha grew up in a small Kansas town under the watchful gaze of a Christian Okoye poster (courtesy of her younger brother). After a fortuitous day, she stumbled upon Arrowhead Addict, and Chiefs news has never been the same since. As a self-proclamed grammar nerd, she joined the Arrowhead Addict team to make sure that the Chiefs are never the mighty Chefs, and that there/their/they’re is always used properly.
Ladner Morse, Senior Staff Writer: Ladner is an avid Chief fan who lives in Dallas, spent 21 years in K.C. and grew up as a Rams fan outside of L.A.. The strange thing about Ladner is, he enjoys the off season more than the regular season. Ladner offers unique insights on game legends, leagues trends, player development and organizational growth. Ladner has been a teacher for more than 30 years so you can only imagine he hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about.
Stacy Smith, Senior Staff Writer: Stacy is a native of Kansas City with 15 years of experience as a freelance writer. He was invited to be part of the Arrowhead Addict staff after a four-week tryout in the summer of 2012. Smith has been a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs for more than 25 years. He also doubles as an arts educator and veteran member of the Kansas City music scene. Stacy is known to the local music community as Reach. He’s won the Pitch Music Award for Best Hip Hop three times (2008, 2012, and 2013).
Lyle Graversen, Senior Staff Writer: Lyle is a “professional band geek”, family man, and die hard Chiefs fan living in the Wichita area.  I like to mix optimism and reason in my work.  Some may label him a “Kool Aid” drinker, but he just can’t bring himself to let a team he loves so much make him miserable.
Nick Clayton, Senior Staff Writer: Nick has been living outside of the States for years now, but that has only grown his Chiefs Pride. He is a journalist by trade and a Chief by blood. Born and raised in Topeka, Kansas, he was reared on Chiefs football and Jayhawks basketball. Nick is currently the Istanbul correspondent for Mergermarket, a part of the Financial Times Group.
Keith Halpin, aka Merlin, Senior Contributor: Merlin is a long-time A.A. commenter and featured contributor. He has designed software and architectures for many years for major corporations. He loves the strategy of football especially the draft. Merlin has been a Chiefs fan for almost 40 years. He tries to bring a long-term, more strategy than logistics perspective to A.A. His ”Merlin’s Magic” features appear weekly.
Randy Murawski, Senior Contributor: Lifelong Missouri Resident. Hopeless dreamer. Arrowhead Addict  expert on tailgating, cheerleader watching, BBQ eating. Reports with news and views from the stands after each home game, other events and, occasionally, away games. Randy brings a second row season ticket holders perspective of life inside the greatest football stadium in the world.
Damian Nelson, aka Double D, Senior Contributor: Long-time A.A. commenter and featured contributor. Arguably A.A.’s greatest commenter ever, D.D. now has a more formal commenter position.
Jeff Grasser, Staff Writer
Kenny Cember, Staff Writer
Nick Floyd, Staff Writer
Franklin Cline, Copy Editor

Chris Nance, Facebook Manager

Tony Rangel, Art Director: Tony is a Chiefs fan with a passion for all things digital. As a father of two girls, one of whom is an avid football fan, he tries to design things that are visually appealing for everyone. He’s from the Kansas City area, so you might recognize some inspirations for my work at

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Adam Toren, junior staff – A.A. commenter turned writer after it was deemed his comments were “too freaking long”.  An all-around football fan, it took moving to Kansas City for him to become a Chiefs fan.  It wasn’t easy to become one during the Herm Edwards era, but at least there is no way he can be called a “fair weather fan.”