Top 5 Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks

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Bill Kenney Kansas City Chiefs

5. Bill Kenney

When I began the task of trying to pick the top 5 quarterbacks in Chiefs history it was a difficult decision. So for the first selection I have chosen to go with someone, that admittedly I was not familiar with, Bill Kenney.

Kenney, though only putting together two winning seasons in the 8 seasons he played for the Chiefs, is currently ranked 3rd overall among Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks in both touchdowns and yards. He was a decent quarterback in a dark time for the Chiefs.

Career Stats with the Chiefs

Total Yards: 17,277 — Touchdown to Interception Ratio: 105/86 — Passer Rating with the Chiefs: 77.0

Best Statistical Game: vs San Diego on December 16, 1984 – 245 yards, 3 TD, Passer Rating 147.6

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  • Bud Sidener

    Wish we could get back Lenny in his prime.

  • Alex Rodman

    In about ten years, Aaron Murray will be in the top five.

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    Trent Green over Joe Montana. I am waiting for heads to explode over that. Love the Bill Kenney ranking. People tend to forget about him.

    • Chiroubles

      While I myself would lean towards putting Montana over Green, I’m not going to go all House Bolton and flay the author alive for it. Very close call….

    • Ardent Shepherd

      There’s no comparison between the two if you account for Montana’s time in SF. But if you’re just looking at the KC seasons, Trent Green was a much more efficient QB and put up monster numbers. If Trent had won a Super Bowl for us, it’d be a tough decision for me whether Len or Trent would go #1. I’m glad Green got the type of recognition his play deserved. It’s too bad his career ended (for all intents and purposes) on a late hit.

  • area

    I know he never took the Chiefs to the promised land..but Deberg was so good at play action that he routinely faked out the cameraman. It was nothing to see Deberg fade back in the pocket fake a long throw down field and hand the ball of for a decent gain, all before the cameraman rediscovered where the ball went. Good times.

    • tm1946

      One of the QBs with the biggest hands (indicating ???? LOL) in the NFL and mental skills to use them. A master at the fake.
      Speaking of one fake in an entire career, Bono ran a naked boot and everyone in the world was looking one way and he and a TE ran to the end zone….. and it took a long time.

  • Scott Gauld

    I agree with the list and was naming them before seeing your top 5.

    • Nick_Floyd_Arrowhead Addict

      Nice, had it was really hard for two reasons. Not everyone is Lenny Dawson, and trying to pick just five is insane.

  • Chiroubles

    Poor Bill Kenney. So often he shows up in the highlight reels of other teams’ pass rushers, getting crushed like a dog in front of a semi on the Interstate. Lord, that man took a beating, but he did put up some very good numbers for some horrible teams….

  • CrowheartButte

    Nice article, good list and I agree with it. one little item; the first four Superbowls were before the merger of the AFLNFL

    • Nick_Floyd_Arrowhead Addict

      Thanks for the heads up, I thought I had it correct.

      • CrowheartButte

        Well pretty close and no big deal. Superbowl number three with Joe Willie’s Jets and the Colts opened up everyone’s eyes. SB4 was then advertised as the last meeting of the AFL and NFL before the merger and much to all of our delight the Chiefs then lambasted the Vikings!!! and the new NFL was born.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Good players. Wish they would have Joe or Trent at a younger age now days! Yeah, I know there’s only 1 big WR but there’s TE.
    Anyway, lets wait and see what Alex can do for the team. (Besides trying to drain every penny from the team). Although that might be in the agents mind.