Chiefs Alex Smith: Worth The Second, Second Look

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Yes, Alex Smith has already proven he’s worth the second round picks the Chiefs laid out to gamble on him being a winner. It’s also worth a second look because Alex Smith not only has proven to be a winner but, an even better QB than the man the team he left believed enough in to risk letting Smith walk away.

I have to admit, I’ve never been much for bicep kissing, chest pumping, “I am the greatest” proclamations and general actions that are based on self-aggrandizement. It stinks of ego gone cra-cra.

Real leaders don’t have to go there.

This is obviously in reference to Colin Kaepernick, the man the San Francisco 49ers kept and consequently decided to ship Alex Smith away. I’ve been keeping an eye on his performances ever since Alex left the Golden state and towards the end of last season, you may have heard me say several times, the Chiefs now have the better of the two QBs.

Here how each QB performed in 2013:

Kaepernick vs Smith 2013

You might assume that Kaepernick outperformed Smith in the playoffs just because he Kap and the 9ers made it to the NFC Championship game but… you’d be wrong.

Alex Smith had a playoffs passer rating of 119.7 and Kaepernick 74.0. Smith threw 4 TDs with no INTs in the lone playoff game he was in while Kaepernick threw 3 TDs and 3 INTs in 3 games.

What Alex Smith has come to mean to the Kansas City Chiefs may not be fully appreciated by doing a comparison with the QB who replaced him in San Francisco but, it does help to highlight that the Chiefs acquired themselves an excellent QB because there’s no one in the league that thinks any less than “deep thoughts” about Colin Kaepernick.

There’s more to the comparison that I like as well. Kaepernick uses his feet to run like Alex Smith does and yes, he can do that better but, that’s part of the problem with Kaepernick. He has the running QBs disease. Meaning… he’d rather solve his pocket pressure problems by running for yards than by… extending the play with his legs and then hitting a receiver downfield.

When speaking with some fans about this difference I hear the response: big deal. In some ways it’s not such a big deal after all Kaepernick is capable of putting up huge numbers with his legs alone. Take a look at his college rushing numbers… they’re eye popping.

The real problem there is… running… the way Kaepernick runs, is an ego-centric answer to a team problem. When Kap “does it by himself” he leaves other extremely talented teammates out of the loop and out of the equation… and… out in the cold statistically. Then Kaepernick’s teammates can’t possibly “feel” like they are invested in the outcome.

There’s a big difference between Fran Tarkington and Colin Kaepernick. Tark used to run to extend the play and his receivers always knew if they kept moving they’d have a chance to be part of a highlight reel play. Kaepernick runs to get down field. That’s all.

Alex Smith can… and does.. do both.

Alex Smith Collage 1b

What I really wanted to accomplish here today is to take a second look at the trade that brought Alex Smith to K.C for two number twos. With the draft coming up in three weeks it’s important to know whether or not the man the Chiefs gave away a 2nd round pick in this year’s draft… has been worth it and will be worth it in the future?

As a fan and follower of the Kansas City Chiefs since the 1960s I have a very specific opinion about the worth of Alex Smith. When you look at the long dry QB spell from Len Dawson to Joe Montana. Then, when you consider that the Chiefs got less than two years out of Mr. Montana who will will forever be immortalized and linked with the San Francisco 49ers. Then, another dry spell came and then went when Trent Green gave the Chiefs five and a half very good years. When you consider the dirty laundry list of crappy QBs to disgrace the place that Lenny once stood, you come to look at the quality QB play the Chiefs have presently in a whole new light.

Yes, Alex Smith’s presence here makes a difference. Alex Smith’s desire to be here and finish his career here… makes a difference.

There have been lots of quarterbacks who have changed their address in mid-career. So, how does our Mr. Smith stack up?

QB Comparison

* The second season, 1994, was chosen because Joe Montana only played in 11 games for the Chiefs in 1993.

When you think of QBs who have “moved on” from one team to another because there were too many roosters in the coop you have to first think of Drew Brees. He not only moved from San Diego to New Orleans and had success he’s set records and won a Super Bowl.

When comparing Drew Brees to Alex Smith the great equalizer is… the talent you’re playing around. In 2006, Brees had Deuce McAllister, Reggie Bush, Joe Horn, Devery Henderson and Marques Colston while in 2013, Alex Smith had Jamaal Charles, half of what you’d normally expect from Dwayne Bowe and was nearly tight-end-less. Yes, Brees threw for approximately 55 yards per game more in his first year with his new club than Smith did but, the weapons in the arsenal tell the real story.

By the way, I don’t expect the Chiefs to surround Alex Smith with so little next season. That’s why you can expect them to go after more than one offensive play maker in this draft.

Even Trent Green had more to work with than Alex Smith did. Green had Priest Holmes, Tony Gonzales, Eddie Kennison, Johnny Morton and Dante Hall.

The Joe Montana comparison may not be a great one as this was Montana’s very last season… although anyone who got to see him play live that year, including myself, will tell you that Joe looked a whole lot like… well… Joe Montana.

Alex Smith’s first year in coach Andy Reid’s system proved to be a learning experience. If you give him a the month of September to settle into the system… since that point his performance has been on a steady progressive climb.

Alex Smiths Passer Rating

The Indianapolis game represented here is the playoff game since Alex didn’t play in the last game of the season like most starters.

The trend shows that Alex Smith is an ascending QB and if he keeps this up he’ll break into the top ten in the league. Right now I’d place him in the top 12. Alex Smith was a first pick in the draft. Has he lived up to that yet? Not really but it looks like he’s on his way.

A few weeks ago, Reid Ferrin interviewed Andy Reid at the NFL Owner’s Meetings and coach Reid had this to say of Smith,

I don’t think you know a player until you have him. You do all your homework. But until you get him there, you don’t realize. You’ve heard he’s a great leader, but until you get him and work with him, you don’t know that. You’ve heard about his strengths and weaknesses as a player, but until you get him and he’s doing your stuff, I don’t think you figure that out completely. I loved his accuracy.

I wasn’t aware, before Smith arrived in K.C., that he was as accurate as he has been. I admit that a year ago it took a long time to give up my personal preference for Geno Smith. Smith’s steady performances changed my mind as much as meeting him at training camp did.

Now, I’m sure that the one play Smith was not accurate on… his overthrown ball to Cyrus Gray in the playoff game… is the very play that sticks in Smith’s head.

Alex Smith Collage 2

Andy Reid went on in his sit down with Reid Ferrin to say more about Alex Smith,

I love his want-to to be great. I love the way he took things over and challenged everybody around him and not in a boisterous manner but just by leading by example and teaching on the field. I appreciated his whole game. His approach to the game raised the whole team. He’s a gym rat. You’ve got to kick him out of the building. I was almost on secret double probation his first week in the building, because he wanted to stay there forever and I’d have to kick him out. I said, ‘You gotta go.’ That’s how he approaches the game.

Alex Smith reminds me of a quote on leadership I heard when I was a kid,

Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.

~Albert Schweitzer

When it’s all said and done, Alex Smith could end up being the best QB the Chiefs organization has ever had. Obviously that will take some time. However, it looks like we’re going to get to see Alex’ time unfold before our very eyes.

It’s Alex’ time. Let enjoy this. It’s going to be a heck of a ride.

So Addict fans, are you an Alex supporter or are you planning a first round QB selection in your own personal mock draft?

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  • berttheclock

    Last year, the Chiefs offensive line was a work in progress. Alex Smith was sacked 39 times.

    Last year, the offensive line of the Niners was excellent. Colin Kaepernick was sacked 39 times.

    There was one point early in the season when Greg Roman, the OC of the Niners, decided he was going to win with CK. That plan lasted for about 2 games before he went back to the tried and true method of Gore’s running setting up CK. CK did throw for those 3200 and so yards, but, the Niners pounded the ground with 2,201 rushing yards. They loved to get an early lead, then, let Gore pound the ground.

    However, this brings up a side note. Should Baalke want to trade up with the Chiefs to get a wide out or even shore up his pass rushing, should the Chiefs demand La Michael James to be thrown in with picks? The Niners are trying to trade James as he has ended up sitting on the bench far too much in his two years with them. He is lightning fast, provides a great change of pace in running and can return kicks. One caveat about him is he still puts the ball on the ground at times, in fact, last season he had two fumbles on kicks. But, he would bring a new dimension to the Chiefs, as he has been called a poor man’s Sproles.

    • ladner morse

      I’d rather have the drafts picks instead of taking in LaMichael James. I like James but thing there are some other younger players in this draft who can help at positions of need.

      • berttheclock

        Yes, that is why I have come to the conclusion that this draft will go down as the trade up or down draft, with players thrown in. I have read so many comments that the Chiefs will never get to the SB without an ELITE QB. Well, an ELITE took his team to the SB and was defeated by a game manager QB who had an outstanding defensive unit with him. As I continue to remember 45-44, my views toward the draft bend towards an upgrade on the defensive side with an upgrade to the wide out position, as well. Lewis and Demps were exposed by the Colts, due to two things. We didn’t have the pass rushing to grab Luck in time and we did not have a quality nickle back to stop slots from becoming express trains heading for the slower Lewis and Demps. We can upgrade at safety, but, until the Chiefs find a quality nickle back, they will still have problems. With Walker, our pass rush may be improved, but, we really need to find another pass rusher, either, at DE or LB or both.

        • ladner morse

          Well said and this is the reason I also believe this teams in more than one good draft away from being in it for the long haul. Play makers at WR and TE plus pass rushers and cover men… all needed… and all required to be perpetual contenders.

          • mnelson52

            I agree with you. This year I think we need to draft for our needs. We need to take the player with the highest value in our needs. Next year we could possibly have 9 or 10 picks with less needs. We should be able to get a few needs and start getting replacements to develop for the soon to be gone Hali and Johnson. I think after the 2015 draft, we will be headed for the high road. That doesn’t mean I believe we will have a bad year, I just think after 2015 draft we will be much better. I agree about the consistency of Alex and the inconsistency of Cassel. over the last three or four years, Alex has improved each year. He may not be the top QB for long passes but he showed he’s not bad either when he needs too. With the right people around Alex, he will beat you all day long with short to intermediate passes with very few turnovers.

          • Calchiefsfan

            I think you and Bert are right but don’t forget that Flowers was shutting down Hilton until he went down with an injury. Between Robinson not being able to cover Hilton and Lewis being consistently out of position and too slow to back him up the Chiefs ended up losing a game they started off dominating. I think Flowers will continue to be a shut down corner except this year as a nickle back. We need more depth at nickle specifically though. I hope Commings is the answer at FS. He did play outfield in college baseball and has 4.3 speed.

          • trinity

            You guys are already wildcard contenders, but you don’t really have anything if you don’t have a quarterback. Tell me. Flat out. With Alex Smith under center, where do you see this team going? I’m really interested in your answer.

          • 7yahweh7

            I was wondering how well Rodgers has been doing since he lost his top 10 defense? How many rings has he won? I was also wondering how many rings KaperCHOKE has won with the top 3 defense SF has had the last few years? And tell me, how many rings has Brady won since billicheat got caught? How many rings does stafford have? And How many does Rivers have?

            Provided they can pass block better than 20th, and NOT 30th, Alex Smith can win mulitple SB titles. Favre, Montana, Elway and Marino all rolled into one QB will NEVER win a SB without help.

            I’m wondering how long it will take you dumb landless peasants to figure that out……

        • Josh Landers

          Maybe finding flowers’ eventual replacement and depth behind him would be good. We do have a good nb though. We lost that playoff game when he went down. Plus he’s in his prime right now and still has a few good years ahead of him. Yes he’s expensive but after seeing our defense collapse around the feet of Ty Hilton I don’t think his impact can be understated. Hopefully we can get something done with his contract to keep him around.

        • William Campbell

          Brandon flowers covered hilton in the playoff game for a half to the tune of 2 catches for 15 yards.. After flowers went down hilton Jerry riced his way thru our secondary for 11 catches for 209 yards and two tds.

  • berttheclock

    With apologies to both Knowles Shaw and George Minor for their writing the words and music, and a sincere apology to the more devout than I, but, I await May 11th singing, “We shall come rejoicing bringing in the draft choices…….” What ye sow in the countless hours of beating the bushes, ye shall reap on draft day.

  • micah stephenson

    I didn’t see the playoff win comparison. Didnt kop play with half his offense injured. Also wasn’t that kops 1st season as starter and Ass11 9th season. Who was drafted 1st overall and who wasnt even drafted 1st rd? Lets see where each QB is in a yr or two. Also the 33rd pick last yr is a 1st rd pick to me, so we paid a lot. It was worth the 2 picks to get the teams profit margin back up, but not worth it, if they trying to win the superbowl with him.

    • berttheclock

      “Ass11″???????????? Ah, I envision another day of trinity-micah Alex Smith bashing with absolutely no coherent thought between them.

      • mnelson52

        Maybe Micah didn’t notice how Alex picked up the slack when his best RB and receiver went down a few minutes into the game. Then his #2 RB went down. Matter of fact we lost six players in that game and he still almost won it. I was against the trade for Alex but I’m glad he proved me to be the fool.

    • Josh Landers

      Kap landed on a team with one of the strongest and deepest rosters in the league. That’s not even close to a reasonable comparison. But I guess picking up geno smith would’ve been better than trading for as?

    • John Walsh

      You don’t see it because you don’t want to see it. That is simply your prejudices working against you. Where’s the surprise in that, Micha?

    • William Campbell

      Well we had a few choices.. Cassel or Quinn or geno or Manuel or as11.. Cassel led vikings are picking top 10, Quinn didn’t even play, genocide threw more ints than tds, and manuel spent most of the season injured all while alex led a 2-14 team to 11 wins and a playoff berth. We had the best of the bunch by far.

  • freshmeat62

    I want more than 1 playoff loss for 2 2nd rd picks. I think Smith, the 2nd half of the season, was one of the best QB’s in the league. That being said, I don’t think he’s justified what was given up for him – YET. Another year like that 2nd half, then yeah, probably worth it.

    I’m curious as to why they haven’t signed him for more years yet. Do they think Bray can replace him after 2 years of tutoring? Did Chase Daniel impress enough in that last game to think he can take over?

    OK, see what happens when they move the draft back 2 more weeks? All kinds of weird stuff starts going thru my head.

    • mnelson52

      With AS putting up 44 points in the playoff game, I can’t see why you would blame him for the loss instead of the defense. As far as that goes, I can’t see where you could blame him instead of defense for any of our losses when he averaged over 30 points a game in the 2nd half of the year with a very weak receiving core. What does he have to do to get credit for his work?

  • Bizoza

    I really don’t care about how much hate I will get for stating this, but put AS11′s numbers up against Cassel’s 2010 numbers. Cassel put up similar, if not better in some cases, numbers to what Smith did this last season. Cassel had a garbage line, a good running game, no recievers, and a good coaching staff. This last season Smith had about the same, but with better coaching and play calling, and put up about the same. The hate for Cassel and the garbage coaching staff that followed, grew to be his downfall, and he was doubting himself after playing a very Smith year. Whatever the case may be, don’t crap all over Smith or we will end up in the same boat. Again, throw whatever hate you want at me, but it won’t change the facts.

    • ladner morse

      Yes, I’ll agree that Cassel had the curse of Pioli and the worst coaching staffs behind him. True. But that doesn’t make him as good as Alex Smith. In 2009 I started out as a big Matt Cassel supporter but over time… and with a fair amount of research about Cassel… in cluding mapping out his passer ratings over a several year period… I could see he wasn’t a consistent QB in any sense of the word. Now, bad coaching can make you consistently bad… or consistently good… or consistently blah… but there’s no one ot blame but himself for his great inconsistency. I recall him having like a “39″ passer rating day (and that was when he was with the Pats)… but then he’d have a 135 day. All of which would make me hope and hope and hope some more that the real Matt Cassel was the larger numbers but… he never was that… he was both. Now, it’s the ups and downs in his personal performances that makes fans like me crazy. Can you imagine what it was like to play with him?

      BTW… I just looked up last year for Cassel and the same pattern continues. He had 32 and a 56 day… but he also had a 123 and a 116 day. Too manic for my blood.

  • andyred

    What I got from the articles was Alex Smith: 1) geno Smith lovers: 0) haha Micah!

  • Roger Mihalko

    It was his best season as a pro, he quadrupled his rushing yards in this system compared to any other year. His yards and TD’s his best also. He was in his range on completion percentage but on lower end, plus there was 32 drops by the receivers (couple hundred more yards and 2-3 more TD’s possible)

    he is in his prime (29 to 34) and he improved, is improving, and has room to improve. The area most needing improvement is yards per completion average and down field passing.

    I feel one 2nd round draft pick was a very solid trade…the second 2nd rounder…. a little steep, but its water under the bridge.

    The O-line is a mystery this coming season, so they need to hope these young guys can rise to challenge, gel, come together to pass and run block to keep alex upright.

    • sidibeke

      Given that the difference between a playoff team and the others is a legit #1 QB and the number of teams still looking for one, I think the 2 2nd rounders are just fine. I love that while we have holes to fill, there isn’t the imperative to reach for a QB. If a QB falls and R&D like him, all the better. Worst case scenario, he’s trade bait later down the road. Otherwise, we can get the DB, pass rush or WR help we need.

  • trinity

    Those stats are an indictment against Alex Smith. It seems as if chiefs fans forget he is a veteran. Shouldn’t he be far better than Colin kaepernick after being in the league this long? The stats are almost identical, and the fact is that Colin has achieved more already than alex Smith has in nearly a decade. He took Alex’s team and took them to the superbowl. I’m taking kap.

    • berttheclock

      BULL, but, keep him.

      • trinity

        Bull? How? Colin kaepernick took Alex’s team and went to a place that alex has only dreamed of. That isn’t bull, that is fact.

        • ladner morse

          About as much a “fact” as… “Philip Rivers took Drew Brees team.” In similar fashion, an injury opened the door to another player who came in and looked good enough for THE TEAM to make the decision to not keep two top talents on the same roster and instead… cash one of those talents in for draft picks… and in similar fashion THE TEAM chose the younger player……… but not necessarily the better player.

          I too, have heard a lot of moaning and groaning among San Fran fans about the loss of Alex Smith.

          Perhaps you’re unaware that Alex Smith has played under 7 different offensive coordinators. Kaepernick? One.

          • trinity

            Are you really saying that the 49ers gave CK Alex’s Smith’s job because he was the younger option? Lol dude. Stop it. Hahaha. It was not a situation like Brett Favre and Aaron Rogers. Where you had a hall of fame quarterback who got old so they made the tough decision to move on. Alex Smith was and still is in his prime. They let him go because he wasn’t going to take them where they wanted to go. In this league, where we all know that the quarterback position is most important, where the hunt for a franchise quarterback consumes some franchises, do you really think the 49ers would have let alex Smith go if they thought he was the guy? Do you really think they said, “well alex is really great, but let me just bench him, and go with this other guy for the hell of it!”? Give me a break. Lol you are simply delusional if you feel that way.

            The 49ers went with Colin kaepernick because of his potential to be great. Not good. Great. It was the right call in my opinion, because you know already what you’re getting in Alex Smith. A quarterback who on his very best day is only good. A guy with a great head, but it’s paired with average skills. A guy who it’s possible to win with, but never win because of. A guy who will never have a matt schaub level meltdown, but a guy who has to be carried as opposed to leading.

            As far as some fans in the bay area who want Alex back, I get it. I’m sure some of the older fans are clutching their hearts at the antics of Colin kaepernick. I read this article, and the writer did a brilliant job of comparing the two. He likened Alex Smith to a prius. Smart, decent, dependable. You know what you’re getting with him and for the most part it’s nice. A safe choice. He likened kaepernick to a Ferrari. A thrill ride from start to finish. Excessively fast and sometimes dangerous. But powerful and with endless potential. For all Alex Smith brings to the table, he simply doesn’t have the skills of Colin kaepernick. He is still growing, but he has the potential to be one of the most devastating forces in the league. I’m sure some old fans are more comfortable with Alex Smith. The game manager, the caretaker, the famous captain checkdown. But for the fans who want more. Who want to see someone who could grow into greatness, and show us something we’ve never seen before, Colin kaepernick is the guy. And considering that even in football infancy he’s already achieved more than alex, I think it’s a good bet to go with him.

          • niner559

            Holly crap. As a Niner fan of 30 years, your dead wrong. If the niners still had alex, they would be holding 2 more Lombardy trophy’s. Kap has all the potential to be great, except for the most important part…the mind! They year alex was replaced/injured, he was leading the league in qbr. He was leading his team to victories and he was flat out picking defenses apart! This was also the first time ihis career that he was in the same system. The problem, he was not drafted by JH. JH drafted CK. End of story. I’m just going to say this, you are not drafted 1st overall with just “good” skills. CK needs skill players around him, Alex uses who he has and still puts up points!

          • trinity

            Hahahahahahahaha. Is this a joke? Lol this has to be a joke response :D. Alex Smith? Picking defenses apart? Yeah, he was really showing everyone with all those checkdowns. Hahahaha!

          • niner559

            I guess he checks down because he can go though his progressions and find who is open. Or you can have CK who had the luxury of sitting and learning his first 1.5 years. After 3 years in the same system, with the same coaching staff, still can’t read a defense. One read and then run. One suprbowl appearance…choke. One nfc championship…choke. All the potential without the mental aspect means nothing.

          • trinity

            No he checks down because he is scared to take chances, is slow at reading the defense, and doesn’t have the arm strength to consistently air it out. As far as CK, he’s still developing. And even at this early stage, he’s more accomplished than Alex Smith is, and likely ever will be. If you want to settle for a game manager that has to be carried, go ahead lol. As I said. I will go with the young guy with endless potential.

          • niner559

            Well let’s just agree that your wrong and I’m right.

          • trinity

            ……..because you’ve done such a great job proving your point? Hahaha you are delusional. We will agree on nothing champ. I’m always really amused on AA, but I have to say you are definitely the funniest thing I’ve encountered on here :D. Hahahahaha.

          • niner559

            It’s always nice to pretend to laugh when you don’t have much to say. Last year they tried to hand the keys to CK and let him cary the team. What happened? He crumbled and lost his confidence. You can call it development, but I’m not sure you can develop the mental side of the game. I will agree that CK has an enormous amount of potential, buts that alone is nothing. But to call alex a game manager shows your ignorance in the game. Joe Montana was the greatest game manager of all time!!

          • trinity

            See, there it is right there. That’s where you Alex Smith fans lose all credibility. When he’s called a game manager you guys buck your eyes, stick out your palms, shrug your shoulders, and declare some elite/legendary quarterback is a game manager as well. Don’t play dumb and act like you don’t know what the hell is really being said. You know damn well what I mean. Elite quarterbacks have many things in thier arsenal including the ability to manage. But you and I both know that no great quarterback would ever be referred to as “just a game manager”. That’s all Alex Smith is, and you know that’s what is being stated. So spare yourself the embarrassment of that “fake befuddled” act, because it’s really lame.

            Secondly, what exactly makes you think Alex Smith is better than CK? The guy who wrote this story posted their stats together in an attempt to show that Alex didn’t get outperformed. But the author’s plan backfired, because he failed to take into account the stages of their respective careers. The stats are nearly identical. The difference is that Colin is in development, while Alex is a veteran of nearly 10 years. Shouldn’t he be well pass kaepernick? When you take into account the fact that the stats are similar, plus the FACT that Colin already has more playoff success, plus the FACT that Colin has already been to a superbowl and Alex Smith has not, plus the obvious fact that Colin is more athletically gifted than Alex Smith, than I want you to answer my question.

            What makes Alex Smith better?? No bullshit, just answer the question.

          • ladner morse

            A lot goes into evaluating and consequently understanding who a quarterback is. Agility, speed, size and overall athleticism… all of these aspects I’d give an advantage to Colin Kaepernick. Therein lies the problem. CK has always had the physical ability to “take over a game” until he came to the NFL. So, the question for him now is… can he make the necessary adjustments to win at this level.

            However, some would say… and are saying… that Alex Smith would have helped the niners “win” the Super Bowl that CK was part of losing on the last play of that game. There’s no way to prove that but you have to consider the aspects of QB evaluation in which Alex Smith would be rated above CK: listening and communication, teamwork, leading by actions, exhibiting confidence in the face of resistance and last but certainly not least is AS lack of arrogance.

            Here’s the sticky wicket with CK: he’s always had superior physical ability expressed through both running the football and passing it. Now, there are better passers in the league, in fact, Alex Smith was one of those passers who were better than CK in 2013. The reason for that is not CKs “ability” to run but it’s his “dependence” on his own running. The reason other QBs are better passers than he is … is because they only havethat one talent basically… passing. Since CK can do both… when he meets resistence (a good defense) he adapts by doing what most any organism on the face of the planet does.. they go to their strength to solve the problem. Until CK changes that… the team dynamics in San Fran will forever be fractured. His teammates will never know if he’s in it “with” them or … for himself.

            Yes, CK can get his teammates excited but they all know the whole success of the offense centers around him getting off. AS11 has teammates that know he is doing everything in his power to get them off (just ask JC)… which creates “team” success. Big difference.

            Smith and Kaepernick are two completely different QBs. If you’d asked me a year ago which one I’d want it would have been CK. Now, after seeing Alex Smith do his magic and see him in action.. and after meeting him personally… the aspects that make these two different, are also the aspects worth choosing over.

            I get that you love Kaepernick. I understand why. If you’re niner fan you should be excited. But I wouldn’t trade the Alex Smith that has worked his way to become such a consistent, focused, skillful, positive, confident, team oriented ringleader and coach on the field for the Chiefs.

            It doesn’t make me right or you wrong. It’s just a matter of choice. And I’m really happy with the choice to have Alex Smith leading the Chiefs right now.

            BTW.. thank you for bringing such a divergent point of view to Arrowhead Addict. It makes for great debate.

          • trinity

            I disagree with the insinuation that he’s a selfish teammate. I think he has a big personality, and his dependence on his run game is more due to him having to learn to calm down and trust his naturally strong arm than a me first attitude. He loves and leans on his teammates by all accounts, and thinks they are the best at what they do according to his words. He’s a young guy and they are veterans, and I like how they rally around him, and support him. He appears to do the same, he just needs to develop more.

            I agree that it is a matter of opinion, and no problem about the debate :).

          • trinity

            Lol and leading?? The guy is a game manager! Lol what were is stats? Something along the lines of 17 tds to 9 interceptions. Hahaha please dude! If by “leading” you mean “playing not to lose and letting the defense and run game carry him to victory”, then ok. Hahahahahaha :D

        • Suzi Conger

          ck7 didn’t take the team there, the Team got them there, in spite of ck7… I can see you handily don’t recall ‘Catch III” nor KWilliams#10 handing (Alex’s) 9ers SB appearance to NYG with his (William’s) TWO game losing fumbles…

          “Smith was thrown into nfl with the worst team in the league and a new playbook/offensive coach every year” Terry Bradshaw
          ck7 was ‘thrown into’ ‘Coach of the Year’ and elite premium team players

          • trinity

            Consider today’s NFL. go ask franchises like the Vikings, jets, and texans among others. They will tell you that you can have a great run game, a great defense, or both. But if you don’t have a quarterback, it means nothing. Teams do not get to the superbowl without a good quarterback, particularly in today’s NFL, so the notion of CK not having anything to do with them going is laughable, and that’s number 1.

            Number 2, Alex Smith would not have gotten them there. He played on the same team that Colin did, and they stalled. And guess what? It’s the exact same situation in Kansas City. Open your eyes lol. Just like in san Francisco, he has a dominant running back. Just like in san Francisco, he has a stellar defense. Just like in san Francisco (after harbaugh arrived) he has great coahing. And yet was one and done in the playoffs. But shouldn’t this team have beaten the inconsistent colts? Shouldn’t they have went further? Not with Alex Smith under center. He is holding this team back. Watch what happens this season :) lol.

          • Suzi Conger

            your statements lack FB IQ wisdom (not just limited to QB facts); there are far too many fallacy comments from you to waste time with; one example of many such inaccurate statements is, ” …he (AS11) has a stellar defense.”…. huh?… Our ‘stellar defense’ “died” in the second half of ’13 season and, in particular, achieved an NFL HISTORY FIRST allowing the largest point spread comeback ever in post season history (tied for first) PS… open your eyes and mind (brain)… lol PSS…. sounds like you are a ck7 ‘groupie’…put on your sunglasses so you are not blinded by his Flash, lol

          • trinity

            By stellar defense, obviously I meant when healthy. Injuries played a part in thier demise at the back half of last season, but when healthy, the Kansas city chiefs defense is one of the best in the NFL, anchored by one of the most dominant pass rushing duos in the NFL. forgive me, I assumed you would be able to comprehend what I meant. The defense will be ready to rock this coming season, JC will be ready to go, and you guys should address your receiving needs in the draft. If only you had a playmaker as quarterback, you guys could make a run. Lol sit back and watch:). Hahahahaha.

            As for loving CK, he’s not my favorite but I am definitely a fan. The 49ers made a good call. Lol come back and talk to me atseasons end. We will see who’s right and who’s wrong

          • Suzi Conger

            poppycock… the D started failing ,when healthy, during the Bills and Browns games; very little pressure/sacks/hits executed upon opposing QB’s thereafter… forgive me, I figured you knew the game of football and could comprehend PFF facts and stats…wrong idea, lol . Not to mention, it seems that you have not comprehended any of the great information provided in Ladner’s article; substantiated facts.

            trinity your comments lack deductive reasoning, football and QB IQ knowledge and failure to process accurate information. (I will give you a big hint; BSutton played a much bigger part in D’s ‘demise’ than injuries…figure that one out,,, hahahaha

            Nawww, not interested in wasting any more of my time ‘talking’ with a sarcastic individual that does not comprehend facts, stats and the rudiments of the game. Good time to agree to disagree.
            What are you doing on this site? ‘you guys’… hmmmm, not a Chiefs supporter. Good luck and have fun trolling

          • trinity

            :) I would say my stance on Alex Smith isQuQuite clear lol, you’re the one that’s incoherent. Forgive me for not making my position more remedial for you. In a nutshell……..Alex Smith is a guy you can win with, but never win because of. If you choose to call that position not understanding football, then go ahead. Whatever makes you feel better lol. Sure, we can agree to disagree. Come back and talk to me at the end of this coming season. :) have fun watching his checkdowns next season lol, and take care ;).

          • Suzi Conger

            Forgive me,,,,,but Duuuuhhh :-) Of course your ‘stance’ on ASmith is very clear; a blind, uneducated opinion…again, apparently you do not comprehend facts, stats and information provided by reliable intelligent sources such as PFF. That’s cool, I like ostriches (I’m not sure if it’s true that they put their head in the sand, ha ha), Have fun trolling :-). PS. o yea, brush up on the definition of WCO, and then share with the class what you learned (if anything) about ‘check down’ passes.

          • trinity

            Lol by “uneducated and blind”. You mean “you don’t agree”. I’ve already stated clear cut opinions based on both stats and eye test. You meanwhile have spent this “debate” making references to groupies, cameras, ostrich???, and doing very little to actually support your opinion. You are so incoherent, I don’t even know what the hell your position is lol. I mean, was all this a way of saying he’s a franchise quarterback? That you disagree with the notion that he’s a game manager? What?

            On second thought, don’t bother explaining. I enjoy the debates on here with others, but you have proven yourself to be an idiot, and idiots bore me. So lets in this “debate” now. Take care.

          • Suzi Conger

            inane and lame comments trinity,,,you are a waste of time… good-bye, good luck and happy trolling :_)

          • BigJimSlade

            Dude, women and football. Don’t waste your time…

          • BigJimSlade


            To be kind, I’m not even going to compare the first three seasons of both players because it makes Alex look worse than he is. Let’s just look at the scenario…

            1) Alex’s only NFC Championship game with the 49ers = ONE single successful throw to a receiver. ONE. (I’m not joking). No really!

            2) Next season we face the NY Giants again in the season opener and Alex Smith flat out embarrassed himself.

            3) While the 49ers managed to win in spite of Kid Checkdown, here come the Big Bad St. Louis Rams. Now Alex has regressed into little more than an incompetent ragdoll with happy feet. You could see the dismay on the looks of the players, all the wide receivers languishing in boredom. ANOTHER year with Alex Smith.

            Then Colin Kaepernick stepped on the field and the rest was history. With almost no experience Colin put together an amazing 4th quarter, managed to clean up Alex’s mess and managed to come away with a tie (after a guaranteed loss with Alex).

            4) Then it happened. The team had attitude, spark, faith, hope! Receivers knew what a football felt like in their hands, not at their feet, fans remembered what it was like to watch Steve Young run for 49er glory. The defense played harder, the fans cheered louder.

            And more importantly: the 49ers were winning!

            On road games in the snow? No problem?
            They’re stopping Frank Gore? Oh, well, jeez: how about an NFL record for running by a quarterback?

            And the kid is just getting started.

            As an investor, I know if I’ve I have a great portfolio but one stock just keeps stinking it up year after year and I finally find a better stock that’s much cheaper and just starting to grow, I’m selling my stinker stock and investing in the new company. Heck, getting rid of the stinker stock not only makes the rest of my portfolio happy, is getting me richer, by I also got 5 free stocks out of the deal, too!

            It’s a no brainer, people. Just be grateful Alex is gone.

          • Suzi Conger

            lol, that’s cute! You ‘liked’ your own post ;-) You post waaaay too many fallacies for me to waste my time with a reply. I can readily see that you have not put on your sunglasses and are blinded by the Choke ck7 Flash!! The following article demonstrates a far superior talent for analyzing football than your allegeded breakdown. “Breaking Down Alex Smith; From a Doubter to a Believer” Arrowheadpride Excellent analyzing. One example of your many fallacies is the following: you are confused: game 1 vs Rams Smith 1st half, choke ck7 2nd half; game tied. Game 2, vs Rams; choke ck at center (no smith) = SF Game LOSS…get your facts straight (EVERYBODY knows that the Rams were a totally dif club in ’13.

            Your comments are lame, inaccurate, insipid and lack football IQ.That ‘kiss myself choke ck KoolAid’ has distorted your vision and impaired the brain. GoodBye

    • William Campbell

      Kap had a better line better receivers and has been in that system playing with most of those guys for a couple of years.. big difference

      • JimHarbaughsguys

        Kap took over a 19-5 team.
        Alex took over a 2-14 team.

        Actually the same number of wins going into the last week of the season where Alex didn’t play.

        Kap’s Defense gave up an average of about 15 points/game from game 4 till the end. Alex’s defense gave up twice that amount after the bye week.

        Any QB can win when the defense only allows 15 points/game. Had Kap been on a defense which gave up 30 points/game, he would have been a losing QB.

        • BigJimSlade

          So….. Ummm…. Just curious…. I hope you don’t mind asking;

          At some point are ANY of you Alex Smith apologists going to talk about the baby soft schedule he was blessed with and the fact once he started playing against winning teams he started losing?

          I believe around the time of Alex’s trip back to reality, Colin Kaepernick was on an 8 game winning streak.

          It seems at LEAST worth mentioning, ya know???

          • JimHarbaughsguys

            Why don’t you check out how Kap played vs winning teams.

            Other than GB and AZ, how did he play vs Carolina, NO, Seattle, Indy.


            Now compare how Alex played vs good, winning teams.


            Alex played great the last half of the year, when KC was playing against winning teams. Alex had more TD’s in 1 playoff game than Kap had in 3 combined. Why don’t you look over the schedule and find all those great teams Kap beat. The teams Kap beat are:

            Rams – Under 500

            Houston – Worst team of last season

            Jacksonville – 3rd worst team of last season

            Tennessee – Below 500

            Washington – 2nd worst team of last year

            So, Kap played against the actual 3 worse teams in the NFL last year on his way to a season which he was inferior to Alex. All while Alex was on the worst team from 2012, and had the same number of wins as Kap heading into week 17.

            Kap – Under 100 vs Carolina. Barely over 100 vs NO who had 2 missing starters in their secondary.
            Kap vs Seattle in 2 games – 1 TD, 4 INT’s, 1 fumble. Then add his play in the playoffs.
            Kap vs Indy – 150 yards. 0 TD 1 INT

            Why don’t you bother looking at how Kap played against good teams before rattling about how Alex sucked.

            Now look how Alex played vs winning teams vs Kap vs winning teams

            Philly – 275 yards 26 points
            Denver (AFC Champs in case you didn’t know) – 230 in game 1, 2 TD. 293 , 2 TD in game 2. Only 1 INT.
            San Diego – 294 yards. 3 TD 1 INT. 38 points
            His only bad game vs a winning team was Indy. And that was better than Kap’s game in every one of the Niner losses this year. Plus, Alex whopped Indy’s butt for 44 points, 4 TD 0 INT in the playoffs. So he got his revenge for his play.

    • William Campbell

      And don’t forget he played 1 less game than kapp

  • Lyle Graversen


    Absolutely, positively, the best Alex Smith piece I’ve read. Great perspective, outlook, and research. I’ve said this before, but I was 100% wrong with my gut reaction to the trade. I thought it was foolish and was driving the Geno Smith band wagon. Smith is the right guy for the job and as long as we have a good enough OL to protect him, I think he’ll only get better in year two w/Reid. Alex really won me over last season. Thanks for this write up!

  • Abel Tovar

    What a stupid article. Funny how Kaps QBR was left out because it’s also better than Alex’s. And it’s beyond moronic to compare playoff games when Kap played 3 and Alex only 1.

    Kap has accomplished more in 1yr and a 1/2 than Alex has in NINE. And Kap is only going to get better.

    • mnelson52

      If Kap had our defense, he wouldn’t even been in the playoffs.

      • BigJimSlade

        If the 49ers still had Alex Smith, not only do we not go to the playoffs, but I don’t think the stadium deal goes through, there’s no way Boldin want’s to come here, relying on Gore as a primary weapon for both running and passing would have ended his career. So much wrong could happen.

        I’m sorry, but odds are if Alex Smith was currently on the 49ers, the 49ers would be last place in the division after the 2013 season. The entire chemistry of the team would be destroyed by now after the teams goes back to mediocrity after their glimpses of success with Colin Kaepernick.

        • Suzi Conger

          mega-inaccurate comments

    • Suzi Conger

      niner receivers are ‘elite’
      Chiefs receivers were #1 – #4 th in nfl for MOST catchable dropped passes
      nfl’s QBR do not reflect receiver drops, PFF’s qbr reflect receiver drops, passes under duress/pressure ; SF OLine ranked #3 in nfl for QB protection and Chiefs’ OLine ranked 23rd (at best) to 29th (grade D+ / F+) Smith ranked by PFF as the #1 nfl QB to convert pressures/sacks/hits into plays at 25%, therefor he caused our OLine to appear better than their inadequate performance

    • BigJimSlade

      Also funny that the article doesn’t compare Colin’s first three season of stats with Alex’s first three seasons of stats. Also doesn’t take into account how much the 49ers have PAID to get so much mediocrity from Alex Smith.

      Geez, I wonder why the blogger left these things out…

      • Suzi Conger

        extreme football IQ ignorant comments; too many fallacies to waste time addressing

  • Abel Tovar

    And please so your homework and be a responsible journalist. If you’re going to bring up Kap kissing his bicep, then state WHY he does it. It’s not because of ego you hack. It’s because a zero talent writer like yourself decided to judge Kap by his tattoos and Kap kissing his biceps is his way of telling that writer to piss off when he scores.

    What a stupid comparison in playoff games when Alex only played ONE and lost. Kap has gone farther in the playoffs and DOMINATED games in WINS.

    • berttheclock

      “Dominated”, you mean the one where at halftime, Cowher suggested Harbaugh bench Kap and put Smith back into the game? That kind of TOTAL DOMINATION?

      • mnelson52

        Yes and he doesn’t kiss himself to tell writers to piss off. They wouldn’t even have that to write about if he wasn’t already doing it.

      • BigJimSlade

        LOL, kiddo.

        Ask the Green Bay Packers if you have any questions about Colin’s DOMINATION.

        Look at the record books if you want to see Alex Smith DOMINATE (at helping get the 49ers a season field goal record). Or maybe there’s also a stat for most check down throws or passes at players’ feet? I don’t know…

    • ladner morse

      Thank you for posting here at Arrowhead Addict and making our site more interesting by bringing a divergent point of view. The personal judgements and the name calling are unnecessary and we try to keep a site that has standards… so please, in the future, refrain from those kinds of comments.

      To your points… I never said anything about Kaps tattoos. That must be one of your issues. I grew up in California and have been a 49er fan for life… so you must have me confused with another writer.

      More about Kaepernick… I wrote a post a year ago saying he was the new wave and the new standard for QBs in the NFL. After a year of his “not” rising to the top of the league in any kind of stats or performances… that kind of thinking has proven to be… off for now.

      Some people need to make outward shows of boasting… like kissing a bicep… and some people don’t. I am stating here that I don’t prefer those kinds of “me-centered” spectacles. While other QBs are running around the field after a TD connecting with their teammates, the first thing Kap does is kiss himself. It’s personal preference.

      If you would like to explain now how using the “QBR” will shed more light on Kaepernick being better… you’ve got the floor. Everyone is listening. My guess is… you can’t tell how the QBR works or indicates any more about a QB than the Passer Rating does. But, go for it.

      The reason I say that is because… I can’t tell you how the QBR helps. That’s why I leave it out. I can talk with you about the benefits of a Passer Rating… but may writers avoid the QBR because it’s more complex, is something someone at ESPN has concocted, and has only been used in the past few years.

      But… if you’d like to quote a QBR stat that you have no idea what it means to prove you’re QB is better… feel free.

      • mnelson52

        Well put Mr. Morse. I for one enjoy what you write, and agree with most of your opinions. If I disagree, then I would enjoy the debate without name calling. Sometimes I can change my mind in a debate when people bring up some facts that I wasn’t aware of. This site is fun and sometimes enlightening to things I wasn’t aware of.

    • Suzi Conger

      abel, your comments display ignorance (uneducated)

  • Stan Colbert

    Adding verbiage to the lexicon? “cra-cra”? Do you want us to give you credit?
    Didn’t like Geno, Don’t like Kaep, Wasn’t all that enthused about Alex at the time. He has really impressed over the full year! That playoff performance at Indy was amazing! To keep theoffense together and competing after losing JC was elite! His off field performance is incredible! Really believe he will have better numbers this year due to receiver upgrades!
    It has always amazed me how KC could not develop a QB!

    • mnelson52

      A good receiver could help his numbers this year, but a lot will depend on how well we bounce back from losing 3 key offensive linemen.

      • Stan Colbert

        Absolutely! If the o-line isn’t solid will be back to start of last year
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  • Susan Aubrey Wilde

    I believe that this year or the next at the latest will bring Alex the Super Bowl ring he deserves. Go Alex. It is so nice to see him get his due. Last year, toward the end of the season with all of the injuries he was practically standing out there alone. If they get some good offense in there to protect him and his targets catch the ball, it will be Alex’s year. Personally, I hope so.

  • BigJimSlade

    Colin also runs to get out of the pocket to find open receivers. Bummer the writer of this blog post hasn’t watched the kid play…