Nov 1, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs tackle Branden Albert (76) walks to the locker room after the San Diego Chargers beat the Chiefs 31-13 at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

So Long, Branden Albert

It is an Arrowhead Addict tradition to do a special farewell post to important Chiefs players when they depart the team. After Tuesday’s carnage, we have a lot farewells to make. We’ll begin with our fond farewell to now former left tackle Branden Albert.

Branden arrived with his oddly spelled name in 2008 after being the last first-round selection of (not so) beloved general manager Carl Peterson. His play was often underrated but the paycheck he received from the Dolphins certainly compensated for the lack of attention he received in his early playing days.

This isn’t to say Albert did not have his moments. Last offseason he was none too pleased about being hit with the franchise tag nor the release of Eric Winston. He let us know via his twitter account that he later had to destroy. No worries, though. He rebuilt it.

Also things like this happened a little to often:


Albert missed nine starts in his final two years with the Chiefs and started 16 games only once in six years. It was a painful thing to be Branden Albert, both emotionally and physically.

Picking a swan song for Albert was difficult. There needed to be a simple and underrated component to it. The song needed to have a dash of emo without the wordy explanations of why he’s so darn sad. It needed to be sung by a guy who may quit Twitter at any time because he’s too sad about losing a friend at work. There was no one better for the job than Michael Johnson, who can be found singing his timely classic “Bluer Than Blue” in the video below.

So long, Branden Albert.

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  • freshmeat62

    I have to disagree w/ the term ‘carnage’. The 2 G’s Asamoah and Schwartz, one just average, and the other from the ‘scrap heap’ will probably bring as much value, if not more, in comp draft picks. Also Reid and Dorsey, both, are known to use interior o-linemen like chattel, and replace them like NASCAR does tires. I’ve heard stories where the Chiefs are high on both Rishaw Johnson and Rokevious Watkins, after a year in the Chiefs organization.

    Eric Fisher will probably replace Albert at LT, which is what we thought would happen when he was drafted last year, but Albert thru a hissy fit, and wouldn’t budge from his LT. Albert is just one twisted back away from retireing.

    McCluster’s success had more to do w/ the blocking than any skill of his. When he and Arenas both came in and were returning kicks, I was more an Arenas fan because it took 2, sometimes more hits to bring him down, where McCluster would go down w/ the first hit every time. And we’re definitely not going to miss him as a receiver.

    And then there’s Jackson, who most, including me, have been down on since his first year. The guy had his 3-4 foot radius that he could control, but he was like a freaking post. If the runner ran into him he could make the tackle.

    • calciomoti

      I’m interested to see just how many compensatory picks we will end up with…

      • Tyler_KC_Fan

        This might be a dumb question, but why would the Chiefs get a compensatory pick for letting the guys walk? They were FA…right?

        • berttheclock

          League rules. You can get a better understanding by just using Google for NFL rules on compensatory picks. But, the gist is if a team lost more or better FAs than they gained they can receive a compensatory pick the next year. If they gained or lost the same number of players, but, lose higher valued players, they can be awarded picks which can not be traded. The reason is several posters are hopeful for added picks next year is several of the losses have been over paid by the new teams. It doesn’t look as though Dorsey will sign new FAs for more money than the ones he lost. Therefore, the hope for 2015 compensatory picks. The round of the pick is based on the higher values awarded to the new player who was lost. I’ve kind of muddled it, but, it is a NFL rule.

        • calciomoti

          As Bert said it is a rule, and based on reports on Google and here on AA, it would seem we could end up with 3 3rd round comp picks. Which will all depend on whether or not the Chiefs sign any high $ free agents

        • sidibeke

          For example, we got a 3rd for Carr last year (isn’t that right?).

    • Nicholas Abuhl

      Can I get an Amen.

  • Brian Dempsey

    Am I the only one that’s noticed that in Fisher and Stephenson, the Chiefs have two young and athletic Tackles capable of playing either side of the O-Line — something Albert could not do. I’m failing to understand the sentiment towards Albert when he refused to be a team player, whereas Fisher and Stephenson are willing to play where they are asked to by the coaches. Looking at it from that angle, tell me who’s the more valuable commodity?

    Thank you, Mr. Dorsey for seeing that Albert is NOT a top-10 LT, or worth top-5 LT money and letting him walk.

    • freshmeat62

      I heard yesterday that he got $46 mil for 4 years – that averages to $11.5 mil a year. I know the Dolphins had some cap room, but good grief, I think they need a lot more than an injury prone LT to be a SB team.

      • Brian Dempsey

        I saw that, as well. By contrast, the Ravens did resign Monroe at 37 mill over 5 years and Monroe is the better player and beat Albert out of the LT position at Virginia.

      • berttheclock

        The Miami Herald says it is a 5 year, $47.5 M deal with $28 M for the first three years.

  • freshmeat62

    I think I lost a little bit of respect for the NFL network last nite. During the show, I think they called it ‘The Huddle’, to the right of the screen they had a rolling page of the different teams w/ info about each, one being key free agents. For the Chiefs they listed only Kendrick Lewis. Really? that’s all they could come up w/? Good grief people, do some research!!!

  • berttheclock

    When you get to Asomoah, may I suggest a reverse take on Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice”

    ‘I ain’t saying you treated the fans unkind,
    You could have done better, but, we don’t mind,
    You just kinda wasted our precious time,
    But, don’t think twice, it’s all right’

    I will never forget him getting pancaked to the ground by a defensive tackle from the Ravens. At least he tried to become a tripping hazard.

  • Patrick Allen

    Great song choice here.