Branden Albert Deletes Twitter Account In Wake Of Winston Cut


Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs certainly have their fans on a roller coaster ride this offseason.

First the team traded away a coupe of high draft picks to the 49ers for QB Alex Smith, a move that appears to be looked upon unfavorably by at lease half of fans.

Next, the team defied expectations when it signed Dwayne Bowe and Dustin Colquitt and placed the franchise tag on LT Branden Albert. To most, the tag being placed on Albert indicated that the Chiefs planned to keep Albert on the left side.

Then, last night, the Chiefs pulled the rug out from under their fans by cutting Eric Winston.

Winston’s departure, perhaps unfairly, led most of the fans and media to begin immediately speculating that the Chiefs were planning to draft Texas A&M LT Luke Joeckel and move Albert to the right side.

Albert was on Twitter when the news of Winston’s release broke:

"What????— Branden Albert (@Balbert76) March 7, 2013Goodnight on that note— Branden Albert (@Balbert76) March 7, 2013Then he added:I have a lot respect for this @ericwinston …. One of my favorites I have met on this journey…. Hope the best for you #salute— Branden Albert (@Balbert76) March 7, 2013“@brocandfriends: @balbert76 your strictly a LT is what your implying?” You damn right— Branden Albert (@Balbert76) March 7, 2013"

The reason the above doesn’t look like the usual tweets we embed in posts is because, well, the tweets no longer exist.

Albert deleted them. Along with his account.

I think that the cutting of Winston was a bad idea. That is my stance on the matter right now. But I am certainly going to wait and see the rest of the offseason plan before I make a final judgement on the process.

Albert would be wise to do the same. He may have deleted his account because he was sick of answering the questions from fans. He may have deleted it because he was sick of the media posting his reactions.

Whatever the reason, Chiefs fans can only hope Albert isn’t becoming so disgruntled that he refuses to play for the Chiefs.

As for Reid and Dorsey, there is no telling their plans for the RT spot. Yes they just cut Winston but drafting a Joeckel and moving Albert to the right side would mean KC is paying its RT $9 million for one season.

There are likely to be more cuts today. Stay tuned.