Former Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Voids Vikings Contract

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Former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel has voided his contract with the Minnesota Vikings, giving up the $3.7 Million he was due for this year. The hope is that in this crazy quarterback market, he can create interest for a bit more money. The news comes from NFL Insider Ian Rappaport’s Twitter feed.

By doing this, Cassel is allowing himself to test the open market. There is the distinct possibility he could land a starting gig with another team. There are more than a few quarterback starved franchises in the NFL coming into this year that may not be able to fix their woes through the draft.

In nine games this year with six starts, Cassel had just north of 1,800 yards passing with 11 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He actually played well with the Vikings considering it was a down year for the team’s most talented player in Adrian Peterson. Combine that with the fact that he didn’t have anyone to throw the ball to, and one could surmise that the second most disliked man in Kansas City could have a resurgence in his career.

What do you think, Addicts? Is Cassel worth more than the $3.7 Million he was already going to make? Could he find a starting job with another team? Sound off below.

Kinda makes you happy we have Alex Smith, doesn’t it?

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  • Mike Blair

    somebody will waste the money on him, I guarantee it

  • Chris Tarrants

    If any team pulls that trigger all I can say is good freaking luck


    With an offensive line and a couple good recievers he would be better than alot of the so called QB,s out there right now. Just dont let the swinging door of coaches get him bogged in a bad system like he had in KC. So glad those days are behind KC. I was losing faith in the whole franchise.

    • micah stephenson

      I agree

  • tm1946

    He should get every buck he can make.
    Who? What NFL team is in that position to need him? Guess he could apply at Claycomo.

    • Jason Seibel

      Tampa Bay?

      • tm1946

        Cassel has had a long career but still think he is a backup with maybe 4 games a year in him. Seems to expensive for what you get. Why not develop the next Cassel not pay the old one.

  • Michael Lizalde

    11 TDs and 8 INTs. Yep. That sounds about right. I bet teams are lining up to throw more money at him!

  • Chuck Burrell

    I think we all can agree that Smith is a much better QB than Cassel, but let’s not forget what Cassel did in 2010. 3100 yds, 27 TDs, 7 INT. That’s better than what Smith had last year. The difference is Bill Muir, Todd Haley, Romeo Crennel, and Brian Daboll vs. Andy Reid, Doug Petersen, Brad Childress. Back in ’10, Cassel had Charlie Weiss. When he left, everything went to hell. Cassel was always an easy scapegoat because he got a big contract without being a proven player. The reality is the organization put him in a position where he had zero chance to succeed. That being said, I’m glad we’re past that era and on to a much, much better one. Good luck to Cassel, Pioli is still a douche

    • Dustin

      Cassel burned a bridge with me when he decided to go off on Haley. Let’s not forget that Haley’s Chiefs looked almost as good as Reid’s Chiefs before Pioli effectively started telling Haley he had the reins and made all the decisions. That paired with the injuries led to the ill fated decision to let Romeo flush all hope down the toilet. Cassel was part of the problem, and as was such he deserves his share of the blame too. Uncoachable speaks volumes and if he wasn’t he sure didn’t give anyone the impression he listened to Haley. The rest of the team looks to the QB as a leader and his actions were inexcusable!

      • Chuck Burrell

        Cassel was a part of the problem as he was a part of the team. But he was not the problem itself. Haley was such a dick head. I bet most would’ve had an outbreak under his control much like cassel’s. Especially coming from someone who never played the game, i don’t think that screaming at his players for making a mistake is the right approach. Looking at vermeil, Reid, and Stram it’s certainly not their MO and they seem to have been pretty successful coaches. Regardless, I think we can both agree that pioli was the real problem.

    • micah stephenson


  • unclejesse40

    I can totally see him getting more money. Some team will draft a qb and want some veteran insurance, or will want someone to start the first half of the season and not embarrass the organization. Maybe 4 million, and one more chance to prove himself is what he is thinking.

  • micah stephenson

    If Alex Smith can get a starting job why wouldn’t Cassel? Coming into this yr they had nearly identical numbers.

    • Jason Seibel


  • Jim Harper

    Your last sentence, Jason, says it all. But with so many teams needing QB help he could very likely find a starting position. I counted no fewer than 6 teams who have that need. A better option in my mind is to see if Bellichick would take him back to be Tom’s backup.