From Chiefs Chants, Cheap Rants, Shoulds & Shants To Hot Pants

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From Chiefs chants, cheap rants, shoulds & shants to hot pants…

it’s all things Kansas City Chiefs & a bit of Sriracha sauce on the side.

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One big reason the Chiefs are a legitimate contender this season is the superior play of their cornerbacks. Who knew? Who knew that Sean Smith was capable of this kind of Liquid Nails coverage? Who knew? Really now, who knew that Marcus Cooper (The Coop!) would scare more WRs than he would be scared by. Cooper is the future of the cornerback position for the Chiefs for years to come and I hope GM John Dorsey locks him up to a multi-year deal asap. PFF thinks Cooper may be a “star in the making.”

The CB situation for the Chiefs has perhaps never been better in the history of the franchise. Although, I loved the CB tandem of James Hasty and Dale Carter the Chiefs may never have had three CBs on the same roster who are this skillful. That brings us to the question of the day: when Brandon Flowers returns to the field, who do you sit? The Chiefs will certainly need all three on the field to beat Denver. However, most teams aren’t Denver. I want all three of them on the field all the time but to do that do you sit one of the Safeties. Should the Chiefs sit a Safety to keep the Three Musketeers on the battlefield? Why not? Reid has often said, “I want the best guys out there.”

You’ve probably heard about how some problems are good problems to have? This, is that.


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Sitting at home and watching a Kansas City Chiefs football game is no match for the livewire experience of Arrowhead. If you haven’t read Jason Seibel’s account of his first trip to Arrowhead last weekend, with his wife, you should check it out.  But, I have to admit that as I sat in my living room and watched I was ½ interested in the game and ½ anticipating a world record for decibels noise.

For me, it was personal.

I hate to break it to many of you who believe the decibel record was set purely because K.C. has the best fans in the world… which they do… but, the shape of Arrowhead has as much to do with it as anything else. Some will say the stadium in Seattle’s CenturyLink Field has an advantage because of the extra reverberation that comes from a facade across the top of their structure but, that will never be a match for the enclosed oval and steep seating rake at Arrowhead. My father, Bonard E. Morse, was an acoustical engineer and worked on projects around the world, including the world of sports. In 1976, when the old Yankees stadium needed refurbishing, my father designed the sound system that remained there until 2008. When I was young I used to travel with my father and watch as he’d problem-shoot sound difficulties for some of the largest indoor and outdoor structures in the world. He would often say the most difficult sound problems to solve were, 1) circular and 2) oval… especially if they were completely enclosed.

Arrowhead is not only completely enclosed but the rake (angle) of the seating assists with the echo created by the architecture. CentruyLink Field does not provide these advantages. It’s open ended and that’s the main reason Seattle will likely be fighting a losing battle with fans in Kansas City. You see, we’ll always have the best 12th man… and… we’ll always have the best 13th man (or entity): Arrowhead Stadium.

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