Xavier Worthy welcomes Andy Reid's pro comparison for him

KC Chiefs fans have to be happy hearing the potential pro comparisons for the team's new first round pick.
Wyoming v Texas
Wyoming v Texas / Tim Warner/GettyImages

The dust has begun to settle on the 2024 NFL Draft, and teams like the Kansas City Chiefs are now getting a good idea of what the roster resembles from top to bottom with minicamps coming into view. From the sound of it, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is pretty excited about the newest wide receiver option available to him.

In the first round, the Chiefs leaped up the draft order four spots in a deal with the Buffalo Bills that featured a move from No. 32 to 28 overall. They did so in order to secure the services of wide receiver Xavier Worthy of Texas—also known as the fastest player in this year's draft class.

Worthy is most famous in draft circles for having established a new record in the 40-yard dash during the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. His time of 4.21 seconds bested John Ross's previous record, and his shoes and tank top from the Combine were subsequently sent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame to celebrate the accomplishment.

As it turns out, Reid feels like he's seen this speed and slight build before in a former player he coached back in his days with the Philadelphia Eagles. And after the Chiefs had drafted Worthy, he offered up the comparison in a news conference saying DeSean Jackson came to mind when watching Worthy.

That's interesting because Worthy himself has said that Jackson was a "model" for him. Check out this quick clip from Up & Adams.

"If I compare myself to anybody, I compare my game to DeSean Jackson," said Worthy.

Considering that Jackson caught 641 passes for 11,263 receiving yards and 58 touchdowns in his NFL career, Chiefs fans have to be thrilled that Worthy and Reid are on the same page here. The Kingdom can only hope even a percentage of Jackson's body of work is in Worthy's future.