Why is Isaiah Buggs still on the Kansas City Chiefs roster?

Isaiah Buggs got into even more trouble over the weekend with his second arrest in a matter of weeks.
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For every positive headline generated this offseason by the Kansas City Chiefs, whether it's accurate or not, it feels as if the franchise has also faced one negative story after another—ranging from legal concerns to controversial speeches to likely suspensions. That trend continued on Sunday with the news that Chiefs defensive tackle Isaiah Buggs had been arrested over the weekend.

If that phrase sounds familiar—Buggs being charged with a crime—it is. In fact, it's his second such moment in the last few weeks. This time, Buggs faces unspecified burglary and domestic violence charges and was released the same day on $5,000 bond. Further details will be forthcoming.

Isaiah Buggs got into even more trouble over the weekend with his second arrest in a matter of weeks.

Buggs is already facing charges of animal cruelty dating back to the discovery of two malnourished dogs at a property rented in his name. One dog had to be euthanized.

It should be noted that Buggs' agent states that local authorities in Tuscaloosa are waging a "subversive campaign" against the Chiefs player in an attempt to close his local hookah lounge. Do with that what you will.

Now it's for the Chiefs to do with that what they will.

It's possible that, unbeknownst to us outside of Arrowhead Stadium, Buggs possesses some unseen yet incredible ceiling that Steve Spagnuolo and Joe Cullen will tap into in the coming months—something the Steelers, Raiders, and Lions could not do in previous NFL stops. It's also possible that Tuscaloosa police officials really do hate hookah lounges and we'll soon realize this is one giant conspiracy theory.

Something tells me, however, that Buggs is a journeyman defensive tackle, one difficult to differentiate from the other Matt Dickersons or Phil Hoskinses of the world. And it also seems reasonable that maybe one man is just making bad choices instead of believing an entire police force wants to bring down a local business.

Either way, in an offseason in which the Chiefs are already facing questions or putting out PR fires for commencement speeches and player arrests for those who are already guaranteed roster spots, why in the world are they giving Isaiah Buggs an active roster spot?

It's possible that the gears are already in motion and that Buggs will be a "former Chief" in a matter of days or even hours. But it's a bit odd that he was still around at this stage to be called a current player knowing he'd already been in trouble. Certainly at this point, the bad outweighs any good.