Which wide receivers the Kansas City Chiefs could target in the 2024 Draft?

Despite an impressive season start, the Kansas City Chiefs face a significant challenge with a mostly underwhelming wide receiver group. Today we speculate about how they could benefit from an exceptionally talented 2024 wide receiver draft class.
LSU v Missouri
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5. Emeka Egbuka - Ohio State

  • Measurables: 6-foot-1 and 205 pounds
  • 2022 stats: 74 receptions, 1,151 yards, 10 touchdowns
  • 2023 stats (5 games): 23 receptions, 303 yards, 3 touchdowns

The combination of a drop-off in quarterback play, a recent injury, and competing with the best wideout prospect in years for targets has caused Emeka Egbuka to have a quiet start of the year. The other thing working against Egbuka in this draft class is that many of the other guys have the potential to be star outside receivers while Egbuka is definitely a guy that looks his best in the slot.

While those things may have Egbuka's stock sliding a little, he's still a great prospect who could really help the Chiefs if he slid far enough for them to get their hands on him. Egbuka is a fantastic route runner who moves well with the ball in his hands and is great at finding holes in zone defense (sound like somebody the Chiefs could use right now?). As opposed to providing one clip, I encourage you to watch the short YouTube video below on why Egbuka is a QB's best friend. If it doesn't sell you on him being a perfect fit for KC's offense then I don't think there is anything else I could say to convince you.

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