Which wide receivers the Kansas City Chiefs could target in the 2024 Draft?

Despite an impressive season start, the Kansas City Chiefs face a significant challenge with a mostly underwhelming wide receiver group. Today we speculate about how they could benefit from an exceptionally talented 2024 wide receiver draft class.
LSU v Missouri
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4. Rome Odunze - Washington

  • Measurables: 6-foot-3 and 217 pounds
  • 2022 stats: 75 receptions, 1,145 yards, 7 touchdowns
  • 2023 stats (6 games): 40 reeptions, 736 yards, 6 touchdowns

Washington has had arguably the best passing attack in college football this season with quarterback Michael Penix Jr. and a trio of NFL-caliber wide receivers, the best of which is Rome Odunze. Odunze is on pace for over 1,400 yards and 12 touchdowns just in their regular season games. You throw in the PAC-12 Championship Game and Bowl/CFB Playoff games and he has a chance to put up some staggering numbers this season.

If a team is easily taken with the wideouts in this class with freakish size or freakish explosiveness, then a guy like Odunze could slide to a team like the Chiefs because he doesn't have that one out-of-this-world characteristic that sets him apart. What he has is no major weaknesses, he does everything well, he's just not the "best" at any one thing. However, when you put all the parts of his game together you end up with a wideout that looks like a really safe draft pick for a wide receiver-needy team.

Odunze has good size and speed to win on the outside in the NFL, but also moves well enough and runs good enough routes to excel in the slot as well. He's a clutch receiver who has stepped up in the biggest moments for Washington this season. This past Saturday against Oregon was a prime example. You can see one of his key touchdown catches below.

Next up, the guy that entered the season as the #2 receiver on a lot of boards, but has had a quiet start to the season.