Trey Smith, Creed Humphrey protect Patrick Mahomes at WWE's Monday Night Raw

WWE held their Monday Night Raw event at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City this week.
Monday Night RAW
Monday Night RAW / WWE/GettyImages

If your Venn diagram includes the overlapping circles with the Kansas City Chiefs and professional wrestling, then you were likely in a personal heaven on Monday night with the realization that WWE's Monday Night Raw was going down at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City and that certain members of your favorite football team would play a major role.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, center Creed Humphrey, and right guard Trey Smith were all willing participants on the night, bringing a fun local flavor to the drama and excitement of the night.

Mahomes got a particularly rousing introduction as the night was just beginning and you can hear the crowd roaring for quite some time.

Specifically, Logan Paul apparently thought his own success as U.S. champ wasn't enough. He wanted to add the heft of three Super Bowl rings from Mahomes to apply some further punishment, but unfortunately, his accuracy was closer to Tyler Palko's than Mahomes's.

We won't pretend to know who some of these other persons are, but suffice it to say, Mahomes's Super Bowl rings delivered the wrong blow. And apparently Mahomes isn't exactly on friendly terms with every wrestler in the building.

Ultimately the drama reached its zenith when Braun Strowman (yes I had to Google this) was ready to challenge Mahomes. That's when the same men who are responsible for protecting Mahomes on Sundays did the same on a Monday during the offseason.

We're pretty sure Mahomes should just take these guys wherever he goes.