Potential trap games on the Kansas City Chiefs schedule in 2024

Just a few days removed from the release of the 2024-25 NFL schedule and it's become obvious that many Chiefs fans are optimistic about the season, and why shouldn't they be? But every year there manages to be one or two games that become total head scratchers in the loss column for Kansas City. Here's a few games that might surprise Chiefs Kingdom this upcoming season...
Andy Reid scowled during a cold cold game against Miami this past postseason
Andy Reid scowled during a cold cold game against Miami this past postseason / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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2. Kansas City vs New Orleans - Week 5 - Mon., October 7th

The New Orleans Saints sat right in the middle of one of the worst divisions in football last year, tying Tampa Bay with a 9-8 record that featured a handful of 1-3 point victories over teams like Tennessee (16-15) and Carolina (20-17).

New Orleans may not be the best team in the NFC again this year. Hell, since future Hall of Famer Drew Brees retired they have always felt like a middle-of-the-pack team that would be lucky to get into the playoffs. But that's exactly the type of mindset that Chiefs fans and even some players might have that lead to trap games ending in losses for the back-to-back Super Bowl champs.

Even though the Saints don't have very many memorable players on offense outside an aging running back in Alvin Kamara (28 years old) and a young stud in wide receiver Chris Olave, that doesn't mean they should be overlooked. There's the third-year standout receiver Rashid Shaheed, fresh off a season that saw him take home a Pro Bowl bid and an All-Pro nomination along with over 700 receiving yards and five touchdowns.

Not only that, there are two familiar names on the Saints that have deep knowledge of the Chiefs and their gameplans. The first is quarterback Derek Carr, the former Raider who played Kansas City 17 times over his nine seasons in black-and-silver. Despite Carr only going 3-14 against the Chiefs during that time, he still found ways to thread the needle against both Steve Spagnuolo's and Bob Sutton's defense which has given him plenty of experience against Kansas City.

The other player is former Chief Tyrann Mathieu, entering his 12th year in the league and third with New Orleans--the same place where he played in college (LSU). Mathieu was one of the shining pieces of Spagnuolo's defense during Reid and the Chiefs' first Super Bowl run back in 2019 and because of his leadership on that team it's obvious that he may have a few hints for his teammates on how to stop Mahomes and the offense.

Throw in the fact that the New Orleans game is on a Monday night before the Chiefs week six bye week and it's obvious that this game could turn sour, leaving a bad taste in Chiefs' fans' mouths for the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl rematch against San Francisco on October 20th.