This NFC quarterback is somehow selling more merch than Patrick Mahomes

The NLFPA sales list is out from the last year and there are some surprisingly popular players here.
Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs
Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

The NLFPA sales list is out from the last year and there are some surprisingly popular players here.

The National Football League's Players Association puts out an annual press release detailing which stars have sold the most merch over the last calendar year. It's a way of keeping the pulse on who is connecting with fans where it matters most—the wallet—and which fan bases want to prove their allegiance the most with apparel, stickers, and the like.

Every year provides a few surprising findings, but we were a bit taken back this year when looking at the list and seeing Patrick Mahomes at No. 3. Not only was he behind an unexpected Kelce (which we can kinda/sorta understand) but he was even sitting behind another quarterback—one from the NFC at that.

If it was a QB from the AFC, it would make more sense given the immense competition in the conference. Joe Burrow makes sense. Josh Allen does too. C.J. Stroud is the red-hot property. Forget all of that, however.

It's Jalen Hurts?!

Yes, Hurts is your number one merch-mover in the NFL over the last calendar year. In a way it makes some sense because this is basically measuring the calendar year from one league year to the next and the Philadelphia Eagles were in the Super Bowl to start this year. It might be safe to assume Brock Purdy will be a top contender next year.

Still, it's gotta Hurts to have bought that jersey at that time. Hurts' stock took a serious tumble in the last 12 months and QB rankings have buried him compared to where he was before. He used to be in the conversation. Now he's nowhere close.

The NFLPA press release explains some of the fine print (e.g. the way these rankings come together) and says that sales are compiled from "...categories such as adult and youth game jerseys, t-shirts, hoodies, bobbleheads, plush toys, socks, face coverings, headbands, figurines, wall decals, credit cards, backpacks, Fatheads, drinkware, pet products, and more."

So what about the rest of the list? Jason Kelce is at No. 2 and we're all for it because we're here for all things Kelce—Jason or Travis. Speaking of Travis, he's at No. 4 after Mahomes at No. 3. Interestingly enough, another Chiefs player snuck onto the list at No. 41: running back Isiah Pacheco.

The biggest surprises? Besides Hurts at No. 1, it's funny to see Mac Jones of the New England Patriots at No. 50 since they've moved on completely. Expect to see a load of those available at your neighborhood Boston-area thrift store soon.